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  1. Oxfordshire
    One of the big events of the year in our calendar, the Stonor Park show! This year, on the 1st June, we'll once again be lining up a fine array of T4s & T5s in the concourse area. We had lots of vans there last year and got a lot of attention (including a nice double page spread in VWBus...
  2. VW Shows & Events
    Yes it's the 30th Anniversary show at Stonor - so it'll be a special one...
  3. Oxfordshire
    June's meet date falls on the day of the Stonor Park show, so lets go there! http://abvwcuk.moonfruit.com/stonor-park/4575529161 There's plans for a cruise over, details to be agreed. Speak up if you want in on that. There is a thread started by Steve Tazz on the forum for anyone interested...
  4. Oxfordshire
    Here's a big show for us to go to - the Association Of British Volkswagen Clubs' Expo at Stonor Park Nr Henley - would be great for us to make our mark down there this year T: We've got vans that could hold their own in the show, I'm sure - you know they'll love a load of T4s & T5s rolling up...
  5. VW Shows & Events
    Well the date is set... Please visit www.abvwc.com or www.facebook.com/ABVWC for more details
  6. Oxfordshire
    Winter is coming.... so better to think of what we do when the weather gets nicer! Who's up for going to some shows en masse next year? I think it could work well if we organise ourselves :eek: so that we can camp together for any shows we're going to - surely this is the obvious place to...
1-6 of 6 Results