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  1. CAK Tanks - any good?

    T5 Conversions
    I know there's previous posts on this forum about underslung CAK tanks with many saying they were pretty good. But now we're a few years down the line I wondered if those opinions still stood an they lasted the test of time. I have a slim conversion and struggling for water tank storage space so...
  2. Tip for Kombi rear under seat storage

    Having being reading a lot of your posts over the last few weeks before taking the plunge and getting a secondhand Kombi. I thought it was only fair to give something back. Found this box up at Bunnings( aka Homebase) today...
  3. Fridge storage

    General T5 Chat
    Hi all, I recently bought a Waeco top loading fridge and loving it! Great investment so far. Wondering if anyone has figured out an ingenious way of securing it that doesn't involve wedging it into the back so it doesn't slide around. Anyone using the cargo fixing rings? Any particularly good...
  4. Using top bed rail for storage box

    I have a Bilbo fixed roof conversion on a T4. We never use the upper bed option, as there are just two of us. But there is a nice lip around the top of the interior that would have been used for the bed base. Has anyone used this for a storage shelf or box, fitting across to the lip at both...
  5. Bed options - not carrying passengers

    T5 Conversions
    I'm relatively new to T5 ownership, a build thread is on the cards soon! T: Basically, the van has been cleaned, soundproofed, insulated and carpeted and I'm starting to plan out the interior. I'm after a bed that maximises storage space and is ideally 3/4 width (it's a SWB van so I want...
  6. Wheel arch box storage

    T4 Conversions
    Another feature I thought would be a nice addition. Canny for storing the odd pint of milk/eggs or whatever while on the road.
  7. DIY kitchen pod

    T4 Conversions
    Thought I'd have a go at making my own kitchen pod in the rear half of my bed frame.
  8. Wanted Tow bar storage box required before March

    I need extra storage for 2 month trip and looking for something secure like the Thules if you have one that you don't want any more. Prefered with the easybase aswell or of similar brand and storage size. Thanks in advance...
  9. Fitted underfloor storage in my T4 (pic heavy)

    T4 Conversions
    Hi, Thought I'd show what I've been up to since buying my T4 last month. Only cost about £85 in total. Bought the white plywood in the UK from a timber merchant, after having had a look through his off cut bin and nabbed several 8ft lengths of 143mm wide x 18mm birch faced play. Got that home...
  10. Nearside door storage

    Hi, does anyone know where I can pick up a door card for the nearside of my T4 which has a storage pocket? I'm looking for exactly the same as the driver's side, so my better half doesn't have to fill the top of the dash with all her clutter (ahem) I mean necessary items.
  11. Vanorak storage

    Parts For Sale
    I have for sale a Vanorak rear storage system for the back of a T5, it is in good used condition with the usual marks from every day use i am only putting up for sale as i have had a rear kombi conversion from Actionvans and it will no longer fit into the van. http://vanorak.com i am looking...
  12. Extra storage idea!

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all, Here is my carpeted door panel, with extra storage pockets (every square cm counts right!) I am carpeting my van at the moment, and was inspired by the Kiravans door store. I tried copying the Kiravans layout on my door panel, but it turned out to be flimsy and pretty rubish... Mark...
  13. Evo motion design overbed locker

    Parts For Sale
    I have for sale an overbed/head locker from an EVO MOTION DESIGN kit that i've fitted in my van, its still flat packed so could be posted (probably be about £15) or if you wanted to collect I'm sure i could put it together for you. Its in gloss white with grey/silver knock on trim, flush door...
  14. Place to store a wet Wetsuit

    General T4 Chat
    Hi folks, as any of you water users know, putting on a soaking wet wetsuit which has been lying in the bottom of a plastic tub is not a fun experience. So I'm thinking of making a tall rear cupboard where I can hang my suit out of the way, and then hopefully with the addition of small fans...
  15. sideways bed with under storage

    Anyone know of anybody who makes a seat\bed combi frame that goes in a T5 length ways (front to back) and has storage underneath ?
  16. Anyone live in theirs?

    T4 Conversions
    Has anybody converted to something they've been able to 'live' in for more than a few weeks? I'm trying to seek out the perfect van to convert and be proud of but that is spacious enough to live comfortably for a couple of months at a time while out traveling on a budget.. I'd love to see some...
  17. Caravelle storage solutions

    General T5 Chat
    I have recently fitted Caravelle rails and triple bench seat to my SWB van and am struggling to find a convenient storage solution. I have made my own temporary bed extension from a section of the old 12mm ply flooring and some 2" square pine legs and am currently using a big plastic box which...
  18. Racking/Storage for a soon to be T5 owner

    Pick my brand spanker T5 T30 LWB up next week for my garden/lawn and tree care business. Im a T5 virgin so go easy on me but basically after some ideas or if anyone can point me in the direction of anyone that has done it for a similar thing. want some racking and tool storage in the back...
  19. Interior flush handles help

    Hi all, I have just constructed a set of Ikea Faktum cupboards for my van and need some flush catch handles to finish the job, preferably in white :) Can anybody recommend any good suppliers and what size would I need for the Faktum cupboards?? Cheers
  20. Cab Storage - or lack thereof!

    General T5 Chat
    Having come from a Caddy Life to a Shuttle, the single biggest disappointment is the lack of decent storage in the cab. A bit of a surprise for me given that the vehicle is so much bigger! The glovebox is small, the lower door bins are difficult to reach, there's no armrest box, and there's...