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sub woofer

  1. Active EDGE sub fuse blowing repeatedly

    Hey guys! I recently had a sub woofer installed and working fine. All of a sudden i heard a snap and the fuse blew on the subwoofer. All wires are connected but as soon as the remote cable is connected and battery goes back on then another fuse will blow. I also have a red protect light on the...
  2. Help! Audio minefield.

    I am trying to decide on a decent audio system for my T4 but immediately came face to face with a wealth of decisions. What Amp, what speakers, what sub, what power management etc etc. What am I looking for? - Sub in separate box under the rock n roll. - Decent front speakers (4") - Decent rear...
  3. Sub amp connected to leisure batt - do i need a power switch to stop it draining?

    Hi, So ive upgraded my headunit, new speakers in the front and back and bought a sony sub and amp off ebay. Because my leisure battery is in the back by the wheel arch i thought it would be easier to run it off the leisure battery + im going to hookup the headunit to switch over to the leisure...
  4. show us your sub...

    General Van Chat
    i appreciate not everyone will want to show what stereo equipment they have in their van:ILU: here's mine... made from inch thick european lime and basswood (seriously:D).
  5. Fli Twin 12 inch Active Sub Woofer in Grey

    Parts For Sale
    I bought this new last week on an impulse thinking i could fit 2 in the boot of the velle, which i could, but 4000w was a little OTT, so one is up for grabs, also included is a wiring kit 5m long enough to wire it all over the T4. It's brand new although a B grade stock, the only mark it the...