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  1. T5 amplifier wiring guide

    Hi everyone, First post here after getting myself a T5 last month. After buying it I was very disappointed by the quality of the sound system so have just bought a second hand subwoofer with attached amplifier. Haven't had much luck finding anyone in Edinburgh who can fit it for me so I'm...
  2. Underseat subwoofer t4

    Hi all does anyone make an underseat sub for our t4 i searched and found absolute5 does one for a t5...would it fit a t4 ? Absolute5 inbox is full so not getting my message ! Cheers
  3. Speaker fitting advice

    Hi, I am new to the forum and to my T5 camper van. Very quickly after buying my van I decided to change out the head unit (because the stock one sounded rather awful), fitted the Pioneer AVH-x3700 and am very happy with it and the improved sound. Only problem is I have managed to now blow...
  4. Change of priorities sale!

    Parts For Sale
    Hmmm, It's a bit unfortunate, but our priorities have had to change. I'd been collecting parts to upgrade/modify/complete our Caravelle, but it has now developed some more significant problems that require funds to solve. So, much as I think I'll eventually regret it, I have to clear some...
  5. T5 with bulkhead speaker upgrade

    Hi.. I'm a newbie and this is my first post! I'm about to purchase a t5 and having been a vito owner without bothering to upgrade in my last vehicle I'm after some advice. I will be purchasing a 2DIN head unit with dav, DAB, iphone connectivity, bluetooth, cooks your lunch for you plus 4 x 50w...
  6. 12" Subwoofer

    For Sale. Sennet 12" subwoofer in MDF enclosure. Rated at 180 watts. Box carpet is a bit fluffy and the rubber has split slightly where the screws hold the sub onto the box (see photo). Neither of these things effect the performance and it produces nice clean tight bass. Looking for £20 but...
  7. My Sub build

    OK, so as hinted at HERE one of my current projects is a sub-woofer to be sited front and center to beef up my bottom end. ;) (sorry, been watching too much Bakeoff) For anyone interested the 'round the houses' back story to the current design, it can be seen on DIYaudio.com I'll be building it...
  8. Kenwood Amp and Sub for sale

    Kenwood 4 channel digital amp KAC PS4D and 12" sub KFC-WPS1200F for sale. With or without carpeted panels to fit T5. Includes remote control (at least I think that's what it's for...!) instructions and wires, full working order. £200 ono. 07813200973 [email protected] These are in...
  9. Underseat subwoofer sound quality

    Hi Guys, I'm after some advice and/or opinions. I'm thinking of getting an active Alpine sub that will fit underneath the front passenger seat or under the R&R bed. I'm going down the active route so that it can easily be removed if the extra space is needed when camping etc. I'm more...
  10. Garage clear out t4 bits and sub

    Parts For Sale
    Ok clearing the garage and have some T4 bits available: small stuff can be posted or I can bring with me to Beulieu. Rear Wardrobe cabinet made from MDF quite sturdy, covered in graphite wrap but could do with recovering, in places. It has 2 doors. £35.00 Early front bumper in good...
  11. Vibe Sub

    General Van Chat
    I put a new Alpine stereo in my van recently with JBL speakers, it was alright but my wife was disappointed with the bass, so I stuck one of those Vibe Subs in (http://www.vibeaudio.co.uk/products/blackaircbr10/?PHPSESSID=9042088b3e7a664e63d23b2bd7fe7d8e ) and it's freakin awesome!! For anyone...
  12. Mosfet amp for sale

    MOSFET 240 Amp - 2 channels x 120W. Can run a sub and remote. What's it worth to anyone? £20 delivered? Now sold PM me, please. Keith