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suspension arm

  1. HELP! rear camber t5 11 plate california van

    General T5 Technical
    Someone help! I have some serious negative camber problems with my van the left rear is more 3 degrees out and the right is -1.5. this vehicle is still under warranty the the main dealers are trying their best to tell me its ok even though its getting through tyres at a alerting rate.The van...
  2. Rear Swing Arm

    General Technical
    Hi all i am in the middle of a rear wheel bearing change out. i am now at the point of struggling to get the outer bearing race removed from the swing arm. i have tried pressing it (16mm stud with suitable sized bush) and tapping it with and without heat to no avail. looks like its going to...
  3. Lower Suspension arm - T4 1997

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi guys, Had a problem with my van since I brought it, the front passengers side wheel was being pulled in slightly. I assumed owners before had an accident and it would just need tracking. Long story short, turns out they changed the lower suspension arm, to a smaller one. :* Annoying! Any...
  4. Help in Cornwall!

    Hi, I have just got my van back on the road after a Head Gasket failure and now it won't pass the M.O.T! :eek: I am in need of the following with in '10 working days' and don't have much of a budget. :* Standard rear springs, 2 if possible, 1 is essential. Standard Orange Indicators, 2 Near...