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  1. C15 suspension code?

    LT & Crafter
    Hi guys, I’m trying to slightly reduce ride height on my lt32. After speaking to vw they tell me there is a suspension option listed as “for vehicles with lowered drivetrain” or something like that. Have been told it is option c15? Can anyone tell me an approximate difference in height between...
  2. Busted lower ball joint

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi all, I'm new here, but what has brought me here is that unfortunately my front left bottom ball joint has failed on my 2001 T4 LWB Diesel Auto :( and my front left wheel is monumentally bung. I did this while going 10kmh around a corner. See pictures attached. I've dragged the poor vehicle...
  3. suspension and brake upgrade - is it worth it?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, I've seen that some people tend to lower their suspension, which looks nice, and some talk about improving the ride. Is it the case that the result gives a more comfortable ride over stock set up, or that it gives more sporty handling only and looks good? Also, are brake upgrades worth it...
  4. Broken H&R 40mm spring

    Steering & Suspension
    I'm no mechanic but am I right in thinking this isn't supposed to be like this? Does anyone know anywhere you can buy a single replacement H&R 29270-1 rear spring without buying a full set? Also, should this have happened in the first place - is it just a function of ageing or was it likely...
  5. Front tyre outer edge wearing / feathering fast what could be the cause?

    Steering & Suspension
    My N/S front tyre is wearing down fast on the outer edge , I replaced the front tyres about a month ago because the thread was almost showing and it's started to wear down again . I know I need to take it for geometry check , but was just wondering if anyone knows what's its most like to be ...
  6. Best Standard Height Suspension

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi all After driving my T5.1 on 40mm lowered springs for a while and making the most of the crashing and potholes I'm wondering if a suspension upgrade would be a wise investment. I'm thinking back to standard height or the option to be only slightly lower than standard. Does anyone have any...
  7. 80MM + Lowering Kit - Where?

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi, I've got a 1999 T4 SWB which has had a rear spring snap. Now, its darn low, 18's sit in the arches at the rear and it was like this when I bought it so its a mystery as to what the springs are with regards to make or designed lowering value. I do cart a lot of weight around too. The ride...
  8. Suspension Overhaul -- Advice needed!

    Steering & Suspension
    Hey all, I'm restoring a T4 2.5 TDi Caravelle at the moment. I have never driven her (bought with a snapped timing belt & smashed camshaft, I'm building the engine atm) but from looking around the van the suspension needs a complete overhaul too. I need to replace all the bushings, ball...
  9. Rear Trailing Arm Bushes

    Steering & Suspension
    Help needed! 2007 2.5 TDI SWB (BNZ) I Removed both the inner and outer rear trailing arm bushes as they were completely shot! I was able to push the inner rubbers out by hand and then proceeded to remove their outers with ease! (Bush removal set from Amazon worked a treat and all was done...
  10. Rear springs & ride height

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi I have a 1998 T4 LWB which I have been basically living in for the last 8 years around Europe and do quite a bit of driving on terrible tracks etc and so like it the ride height to be as high as possible. Ever since I bought the van it has sat down much lower at the back than at the front...
  11. T5 T32 4Motion Suspension & Rear Light Units Off 2015 Van

    eBay Listings
    Hi Just put on eBay full set of shocks and spring taken off my 2015 T5 T32 4Motion Van. Had less than 180 miles on clock when removed. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/371693301024?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649...
  12. T5 T32 Sportline Suspension

    Parts For Sale
    ITEM is now SOLD
  13. Standard Steelies & Lowered...PICS Please

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hey:cool: Call me mad...call me cool!lol...I like my standard 16" 'dotty pattern' steelies T: My vans just clocked 142k and no record of any suspension items replaced...time to make a list :) OEM shocks alround.. -40 H&R springs ALL new bushes ( OEM spec..not PU/Powerflex type) Has anyone...
  14. H&R Coilover Kit - Group Buy @ £995

    Forum Member Bulk Buys
    H&R VW T5/T5GP Coilover Group Buy No Smoke & Mirrors - GENUINE Savings for T5 Forum Members UK Supplied with 12 Month Warranty Height Adjustable Front: 40mm-75mm Rear: 40mm-65mm Details: Height Adjustable from 40mm-75mm (Approx.) TUV Approved - Quality DIN ISO-TS 16949 Springs Developed...
  15. T4 rear tracking out of alignment?

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Just purchased myself a tatty old T4 as a rolling project, and the van is pulling to the left. Took it into my local tyre shop for the tracking/alignment to be adjusted and they said the rear tracking was out but could not be adjusted? :confused: However they compensated for this by adjusting...
  16. B14 + weight

    Steering & Suspension
    Sorry if this has been covered but I am unable to fine relevant info/answer. I'm planning on having some B14's fitted to my 5.1 (T32 Kombi) would /should or do I have to consider the load weight. The van is used a my work van, fitted out with dewalt tough system boxes.. Etc has been known to...
  17. ST Suspension from KW

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi all, Just got my spangly new wheels fitted and would like to drop my van a bit further, and improve my ride quality a bit compared to the Eibach springs it's currently sat on. I don't have the budget for Bilsteins, but Projex offer KW and therefore the new ST sub-brand too.... Does...
  18. Is there a difference between Caravelle suspension and 1.9 transporter.

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi, I was wondering if there is a difference between standard 1.9 T28 suspension and a T5 Caravelle. I have owned 2 T5 Caravelles and the ride was fantastic. I now own a 1.9 T5 T28 (fitted out as Combi) and the ride is appalling compared to the old Caravelle. The wheels and tyres on both were...
  19. h&r 29270-4 40mm lowering springs

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi. New to this. I bought a set of h&r 40mm lowering springs and my van has only lowered about 25 in front and 20 mm at rear. I done a little bit of research and found that I should of bought 29270-1 instead off 29270 -4 as my front and rear axle weights is 2500kg. The guy I bought them off on...
  20. Pro Sport Coilovers vs H&R shocks?

    Steering & Suspension
    With a limited budget, Pro Sport Coilovers vs H&R shock, Which should I Go for?