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  1. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, Is it possible (if it is then is it as easy as plug-and-play or major effort is needed) to swap 4 speed automatic gearbox from 2.4 petrol engine to 6 speed automatic gearbox from 2.8 VR6 engine? The more I read posts in this forum the less optimistic I get regarding swapping automatix...
  2. Wanted
    Looking to swap my ATS cups for some banded steels. Ideally 17". All tyres good 5x112 18x 8j Et41. Would sell but swap preferred
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All. My beloved 2002 1.9 has got a wobbly crank shaft, throwing out the timing. I was trying to find a replacement van but to no Avail. So now I’m considering a replacement engine. Question; she is up to LEZ current and future standards, but what happens when I change the engine out for...
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    Pretty sure this has been done to absolute death but havent seen much recently so thought I'd give it a go. Getting tonnes of black smoke out the back of the ABL so soon enough I recon it will be time to either: recon ABL engine or go down the TDI 1Z, AHU, AFN route. However from what I've...
  5. Electrical
    Hello All, Been searching for an old thread but could not find any with mechanical to climate control swaps. Everything started from Stereo upgrade where I anted to fit RCD510 stereo and then realised that all panel needs changing from T5.1. However, the one I got came with climate control...
  6. Engine & Gearbox
    Trying to track down wiring diagrams for the AXD 2005-2006 and the BNZ 2009. Anyone have a clue where to find these?? regards Jonny
  7. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there, as most here I'd like to get a little more oumph from my 1993 AAB Westfalia Camper. Here in Canada, we didn't have the 2.5 TDI nor that the 2.4 D sold in the US ... So our power upgrades are limited. I've been reading posts here and there trying to gather the best option for : 1)...
  8. Swap Shop
    Hi recently bought a t5 with 18 inch OZ racing superturismo alloys on. I'd rather the van has the standard look and I prefer the ride with bigger tyres. So, I'm after standard T5 alloys plus some cash dependant on condition for my OZ wheels. Photo attached, they're in pretty good nick, few...
  9. Engine & Gearbox
    Hey dudes, I want to rebuild my old t4 engine, but the crankshaft lost a quarter to a half of the nose. My question is, which crankshafts will fit this engine block? I'm thinking vw would make one crank to fit many engines?
  10. General T5 Technical
    I have bought a new pair of barn doors with windows in and would like to change the locks over so that my key will open the new ones. How do I swap the locking mechanism over? Is there anything in particular I should be aware of before taking to it with the tools?
  11. Swap Shop
    Hi all I have a double front seat for my 03 t4 caravelle it's in Lagune blue velour...I'm after a swap for a single captain seat in the same matching fabric please ! I'm in Bournemouth but willing to travel for a swap !! [ ]
  12. Interior
    Sorry if this is in the wrong area, please redirect. I have don't a search of this catorgory but to no avail. I am looking to see if it is possible to add additional Kombi quick release floor brackets, to enable me to swap the seats round. (Put the double on left side behind passenger...
  13. Irish Regional Forums
    I have a proposition for any ROI camper owners who fancy a cheap holiday in Portugal. If you would be willing to lend me your camper in Ireland for the last week of May you can in exchange borrow my T5 camper (pickup and drop off in Lisbon), also for a week. The swap does not have to be at the...
  14. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi everyboby. Got some thoughts about engine swap. Does anybody heard about such case? Which TDI VAG's engines are compatible with Caravelle 5.1 (2010)? Thank you.
  15. Swap Shop
    Hi i am after a set of standard vw orange indicators for my t4 i have a new set of clear with chrome bulbs to swap !
  16. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi, I would like to covert my tail gate door from my 2009 LWB T5 to barn doors, any advice where I could buy or swap from will greatly appreciated.
  17. Swap Shop
    Morning ladies and Gents. just quick question if I may. I am after some BK B660 20" Alloys and would like advice on where or who would be willing to swap/part ex these for my brand new (80miles)17" thunder alloys from my LWB kombi. THANKS. Fish
  18. General Van Chat
    Hello ppl. forgive my english... I've just saw the s10 ep6 of Wheeler Dealers, the Tvr Cerbera episode. In that show there is Ed China who changes the Tvr rusted and rotten frame with another USED (2nd hand) one. In my country if you ask a car repairer he says that it's not legal, but if they...
  19. Swap Shop
    I have a pair of captain seats with arm-rests, on original swivel bases in great condition, recently re-upholstered in black & blue leather-effect material. The R&R bed cushions were also covered in the matching material (which I have since replaced) which I will also include. What I'd...
1-19 of 44 Results