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  1. Heater (blower) switch mechanism

    Hi all, after some advice and on the scrounge! My T5 (T28) 2004 heater blower switch (the right hand knob) operates fine on 3 of the settings (windows, feet and both) but is incredibly stiff to turn to the setting to blow in to the cabin. I took the facia off and inside the turning / cog...
  2. Horn issue.

    Evening all. Horns just died. 1997 t4. Got an air horn fitted which I know is good but have an aftermarket steering wheel and boss. Removed wheel yesterday and found one terminal of horn switch wired to steering column and the other terminal has a wire leading to nothing. Can anyone tell me how...
  3. blower switch problems

    Hi, 2003 T4 102 ex AA My blower speed switch is not working very well, if i put some side ways pressure on it, it will sometimes work. ordered a new switch but it is nothing like what is in my van. this is what I have, anyone know a part number and supplier? [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  4. Electric Window/Mirror/Door Switch...

    I have a T5 with no central locking buttons but it does have electric windows. I have just bought a switch unit that has switches for the electric windows, central locking and electric mirrors L/R, heat and fold. My intention is to fit T5.1 electric mirrors at some point in the future. But...
  5. One touch electric windows now not one touch

    I've got a 2015 T5 campervan conversion, and just had a 2nd leisure battery fitted, which necessitated diconnecting all the electrics for a while. Now that everything is back connected, the one touch operation of the electric windows has stopped. To raise or lower both windows I have to hold...
  6. T5 / T5.1 Headlight Switch with fog light setting

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    Hi all I’ve got a T5 / T5.1 Headlight Switch in satin silver with the settings for front and rear foglights. VW Type switch at a fraction of the price Dealership price £80+ Vat It’s brand new still boxed It's the same as this...
  7. Vibration When Turning On Lights

    When my T4 is idling and I turn on the lights there is a vibration sound which seems to be coming from deep within the engine. I'm thinking the alternator is on its way out or something is loose in it causing it to rumble/vibrate when a load comes on it. Anyone else have similar issues?
  8. Switchable Diff Lock

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    Hi. I've seen on some Syncro's that there is a switch on the dash to turn the diff lock on and off. Mine is a T4 Syncro but it doesn't seem to have that switch. This has probably been explained before on here but I couldn't find it. What's the difference in T4 Syncro's with and without this...
  9. T5.1 Heated Seat Controls

    I have just purchased some 2014 captains seats for my 2011 (facelift) T5.1. The seats have heating built in but my vehicle doesn't have the required controls. I've searched the forums and it looks like the T5.1 had the controls for heated seats built into the climate control module. My question...
  10. How to, Webasco heated seat upgrade orange/off/red

    All, if anyone has the Webasco heated seats with the single red light, you can now get an upgrade from the manufacturer, for £18 delivered. Its a like for like swap, although you need a bullet connector etc…(from Halfords) or just tape the wires I guess (?/bodge?) Hi! I found this on eBay and...
  11. '03 2.5TDI Indicators Not Working, Passat Hazard Switch

    Hi all, got a specific problem with my indicators - yesterday my indicators started playing up, they would stop flashing and ticking before the steering wheel turned to cancel them and sometimes not come on at all (no light or sound). Now when I turn them on they only flash and tick once then...
  12. Syncro aircon

    Hi, I am working on getting the air con sorted on my T4 Syncro and need to track down the following parts... J32 (140) Clutch Relay J365 (147) Shut off Relay F163 Thermo switch Any help here gratefully received... Many thanks Nick
  13. Light Switch Problem?? T4

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    Morning... I've an issue with my lights, they don't work! Couple of weeks ago I noticed my lights hadn't switched on one evening; I switched them off then I switched them back on again and they flickered, I pushed down quite hard on the light switch and then they remained on for the rest of...
  14. Interior lights

    The switch on the drivers door that turns on and off the interior light has broken. I unscrewed the switch and when I pulled it out from the door frame the wires had corroded so much that they just broke off. I've bared the wires back ready to repair. Now, I assumed that if I touched the wires...
  15. Smoke from steering column on pulling windscreen washer

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    Can anyone help?! I filled up the windscreen washer, I had the bonnet open and pulled the washer switch. A large amount of white electrical smoke puffed out from under the steering column shroud. It continued to smoke for about 10secs. I have pulled off the shroud. It was dusty, but there is no...
  16. VW T5 headlight switch with front & rear foglights

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    This is a genuine VW/Audi switch and it is also used in the Seat and Skoda range, hence why these switches illuminate as green. If you want to modify these to red lighting this is a relatively easy mod to swap with red LED's. This is ideal if you have retro fitted front fogs to your van, it...
  17. Headlamp levelling/dash lights dimming switch

    I took the above switch from a VW Polo, it lights up red and the headlamp levelling works. There were five wires into the plug on the Polo when I removed it. When I plugged it into the T5 it had only four wires in the plug and it fitted without a problem. My question is, I know that certain T5...
  18. T5 Uplift Switch Conversion

    Hi All, I need some help please. i've got a 2008 T5 ive changed the centre dash to the uplift model. I'm now on to changing the switches. I need change this style of switch. to the style of switch VW have provided this Has any one got any ideas?? or wiring diagrams?? cheers SteveT:
  19. Adding new switch in dash

    Hi My stereo runs the leisure battery flat if i dont disconnect the red accessories wire. I have a wire coming out one of the spare switch holes with buller connectors on that i disconnect. Does any one know if its possible to but a switch for this dash hole and use this? Can the power for...
  20. Headlight switch for T5 - front & rear fogs

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    Hi, I have a headlight switch that fits T5 vans that has both front and rear fogs switched from it. It plugs in nice and easy and the only wiring is to plug in the extra wires into the switch for your new front fogs when you fit them. £19 posted to anywhere in the UK. If you'd like a picture...