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  1. Hacking Dimatec Spa touch sensitive lights

    Hey everyone - I've just installed the lighting in my van. Went for touch-sensitive Dimatec Spa LEDs, mainly so that I can vary the number of lights that are on. I've rigged a switch straight off the regulator so that I can turn all the lights off. My main questions are: 1) Is there a way to...
  2. Switch & Blanks Advise

    I have this arrangement above the ashtray on my dash, can anyone advise me which switches fit into these slots and also which single blanks i should be looking at - the ones for the later T4's are a little to big.
  3. Whats that lever?

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all, just acquired first van. Appears to have had a hard life! Not sure if the second owner had ever heard of a service. Still, nice to know they can do 100000 miles without an oil change. Why do people do that? Anyhow, as well as the apparent shark attack to the front seat foam, it also...
  4. Electric door window switch removal with pictures

    Hi My drivers door window has become intermittently faulty, refusing to close. It would appear it's a common problem with the switch getting wet. I've trawled various thread trying to work out how hard or easy it is to replace the switch, and of course it is easy (when you know the answer)...
  5. Front Fog Lights -T4

    General Van Chat
    Hi All, I have just picked up a VW T4. It has fog lights on the front but the wiring job is diabolical and I want to rewire them to look a bit more professional. I'd like to use a double pull type headlamp switch but so far haven't been able to locate one that matches the type I have. Does...
  6. Wanted Tow bar and dash switch

    Hi, I am after a flange style tow bar with ball, this is to for a 1997 vw westfalia long nose T4, not bothered about electrics. I also want a 12v spst dash switch to use on the voltmeter I have installed. Has anyone any blanks (2) and or a switch? Willing to pay. LOL:
  7. Hello from Ohio

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    I am the new owner of a 93 t4 auto MV tin top. I have slowly been doing repairs as I find them . My dilemma at the moment is no Headlights! none! I have changed the fuses, bulbs, dash switch, cleaned the earths! Oh & the ignition switch is a new one too! when I activate the dash lights the...
  8. Bits Wanted

    Hello, Im looking for the following bits, if anyone can help that would be great. [LIST] Side sliding door, with or without window. Colour is not a huge issue, Van being resprayed anyway. Electric window switches Mirror switches/control unit Door wiring loom both left and right I know the...
  9. Dashboard buttons

    How do, I've got many blank button spaces free for additional buttons. The only one i do have is ASR. What i'd like to do wire in a few things like reversing camera button etc... So does anybody know where i can get a hold of said buttons / switches. I've only owned my van for 2 week and...