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swivel base
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  1. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Got a couple of mint VW Caddy seat drivers is fitted .but want a swivel on passenger side ,any help would be welcome
  2. LT & Crafter
    Hi hope someone out there can help. Starting a conversion on a 69 plate MWB 4motion Crafter and really want to keep the double passenger seat as I'm not planning any extra seating in the back. Anyone done or seen this in the new (non-sprinter) crafters? I've been searching and can only find...
  3. Interior
    Hi everyone, Got one of the double swivel seat bases from Kiravans to install in my VW T5 (64 plate). Problem is, we’ve took all the seats out so that we can screw the base in however there’s no recess for the electrics to go in. Obviously we can’t put them under the seat and can’t just shove...
  4. Interior
    Hi all, I hope someone can help or point me in the right direction. Two questions about modification of seats in a T5 Shuttle. 1. Would it be possible to add a swivel to the second row bench seat so that it could turn and face the 3rd row seats? It would be OK if the single 2nd row seat has to...
  5. eBay Listings
    Ciao a tutti dall'Italia! ... Per un acquisto errato (ho il conducente a sinistra nel mio furgone Come lo standard eur) Vendo una piastra girevole per vw t5 / vw t6 modello Swivdr13rg2cgb kiravan TUV approvato. La parte girevole è per il driver Destro, viene acquistata un mese fa ed è nuova (mai...
  6. Electrical
    I currently have both captains seats on swivels (Sportscraft), and I thought why not add a leisure battery under the drivers. Turns out I have the swivel with the nut on the bottom rather than the top, so I think I will have clearance issues with trying to put a leisure battery there. I...
  7. Interior
    Good afternoon Can anyone tell me if there are any swivel seat suppliers for the twin passenger seat which has a rigid base but swivels at the top. Vankraft have the perfect solution but have not taken the solution to market yet.
  8. Interior
    I’m about to switch out a double swivel seat for a single captain seat. Could anyone tell me which bolts I would need to secure the seat to a Kiravans passenger safe swivel base? Also any advise on the unused floor bolts left by the double base would be uselful. Thanks
  9. Interior
    Hi all, I'm after some advice/recommendations for a good passenger swivel base (twin) for my T5. Had a look around and the most decent looking one I keep seeing is the Kiravans one (crash tested) for £289 on eBay. There are others retailing at around £200 but I want the safety tested one (we...
  10. Wanted
    I am looking for a single passenger seat for 2011 T5.1. Not worried about fabric but needs to have base to refit leisure battery under, ideally even ready with a swivel. Have a double passenger for sale with base. Based in Midlands, but will travel Annegret
  11. Interior
    Hi all, my wife and I have two young kids and I was thinking of adding a swivel base to the passenger seat on my T5 Kombi so whoever is sat there can turn around to face them, for whatever reason, mid-journey on a long run. Is this possible when the van is in motion? Or does it need to be...
  12. Interior
    I need a seat base for drivers seat to replace electric sliding, rising and rotating rincon base from wheel chair van. Also passenger captains seat and swivel base wanted. Thanks
  13. General T5 Chat
    I own a '62 plate Caravelle and whilst I love it for day to day use and general driving (especially long trips with the family) I could do with a couple of mods for camping. I've seen the multiflexboard which looks pretty useful and I would like swivel plates for the front captain seats. One...
  14. Life Style
    Hi, Excellent condition T5 Kiravans swivel base inc. fixing bolts, only swivelled on 5 occasions, but I now have a single swivel up front (Keeping double seat for in-law visits). Cost £289, sell for £220 inc free delivery if you are near to the M74, M6 this Friday (15 Aug) evening; I'm driving...
  15. Interior
    Kiravans, Touch of Class, Vanhaus ..... I guess all these swivel systems raise the height of the double seat. Does anyone have any information/comparisons of how much higher each system makes the seat please? (Photos looking across the front would be good to show how much higher than the...
  16. General T5 Technical
    what is the best double seat swivel base for a 2006 t5, which allows me to keep the storage under the seat? as i have been looking around and they vary in price. i have heard different stories regarding how hard it is to swivel a double seat as some of them seem to get jammed on the handbrake...
  17. Interior
    i've seen a swivel base advertised for the double front seats in a t4, anyone know anything about them? doesn't look like there's enough clearance to spin them around??? cheers
  18. Interior
    I want to retrofit heating elements into my T5 front seats but also want the seats to be able to swivel. I've had a good look around the Forum and it seems that the driver's seat should be fairly straightforward. Most of the swivel bases available have a threaded tube as the pivot point so the...
  19. Safety
    I'm after swivel bases/plates for my 98 velle. I wanted genuine ones but they're very hard to get hold of and really expensive :( So i'm looking for after market ones but I'm clueless as what one are safe/crash tested etc Any advise welcome thanx T:
1-19 of 21 Results