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  1. Which seat bolts

    I’m about to switch out a double swivel seat for a single captain seat. Could anyone tell me which bolts I would need to secure the seat to a Kiravans passenger safe swivel base? Also any advise on the unused floor bolts left by the double base would be uselful. Thanks
  2. T5 Double Bench to Captains Seat

    Hi, first post. Can anyone tell me if the VW T5.1 Double Bench can be pretty much straight swapped with a Vw T5 Transporter Caravelle Rear Swivel Captain Seat. Thanks in advance
  3. Kiravans/Rib T5 Drivers Seat Swivel Issue

    I'm just fitting a Kiravans/Rib drivers seat swivel into my T5. The problem is that the release catch on the swivel badly fouls with the seat trim (even before you actually try is use the lever). My seat is the comfort version, so has height adjustment but that doesn't help either. Basically...
  4. VW T4 1993 Caravelle swivel base

    Hi All Its been a while since I have posted, but I am always watching. I am hoping this is a simple request/process. I want to add swivel bases to the drivers and passenger seats. With the pre 1996 models the seat belts are attached to the base. So my question is what happens to the...
  5. Changing single to double front seat Westfalia T4

    Good afternoon, New to this forum, proud T4 owners living in Holland-very happy drivers! From GB originally and going back there often (Yorkshire /LondoN) and we are looking for advise/recommendations. Perhaps this subject is covered already somewhere , but could not find it. Please if there...
  6. Single seat swivel which slides for T5

    Anyone out there aware of a seat swivel for a single passenger seat (for a T5) which also slides the seat forward when the seat is rotated (so towards the back of the van). I think there's such a thing for the double seat but haven't seen one for a single.
  7. Pair of T4 Captains seats one with swivel base

    Parts For Sale
    I bought these from a member on here until i could source a matching single seat for my lagoon blue caravelle which i now have, so these are up for grabs. They are in an aftermarket mauve kind of colour, the drivers seat is well worn through on the base, one of the armrests has a cap missing...
  8. Can a passenger single swivel base be used when the van is in motion?

    Hi all, my wife and I have two young kids and I was thinking of adding a swivel base to the passenger seat on my T5 Kombi so whoever is sat there can turn around to face them, for whatever reason, mid-journey on a long run. Is this possible when the van is in motion? Or does it need to be...
  9. Double Swivel Swap For Single Swivel

    Swap Shop
    Hi Am looking to swap a T4 double seat with base and swivel for a single base and swivel to put my Captains seat onto. Anyone interested. Thanks Chris
  10. vwt4 caravelle syncro conversion

    T4 Conversions
    on this site my t4 conversion http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-conversion-of-VW-T4-caravelle-syncro-9-seat/ hope do you like
  11. T5 drivers RIB swivel plate

    Parts For Sale
    I have this RIB swivel plate, manufactured in France by Scopema. These swivel plates only fit VW T5 vans with single front seats, or double seats with a swivel fitted. With a double swivel fitted the process is to first of all half way spin the double seat, then spin the driver to face the...
  12. Loose Captain Swivel Seats HELP!!!

    Hi all, I'm quite new to the T4 Zone and have recently purchased my first one. All is going well apart from one very annoying thing..... the swivel seats! They move about and swivel fine however they have some really annoying looseness to them. I t seems to be coming from the base area and not...
  13. Getting rid of swivel double passenger seat.

    General T5 Chat
    Hello, The swivel seat just doesn't get used i.e. I don't bother swiveling it ever, more hassle than its worth and obviously puts the passengers higher than the driver and there's not much space for 3 6ft+ tall work men, so could really do with getting the space (height) back with taking the...
  14. FASP Swivel Base and "Little Handle" on Passenger Seat

    I have recently fitted a FASP swivel base to my passenger seat, and there is a little handle that is getting in the way. Has anyone else had this problem? Surely this is some sort of design flaw.
  15. T5 Kiravans Double Swivel - Poss Free Delivery M6/M54

    Life Style
    Hi, Excellent condition T5 Kiravans swivel base inc. fixing bolts, only swivelled on 5 occasions, but I now have a single swivel up front (Keeping double seat for in-law visits). Cost £289, sell for £220 inc free delivery if you are near to the M74, M6 this Friday (15 Aug) evening; I'm driving...
  16. T5 Caravelle swivel seats

    Show Us Your...
    Hi, Just got my first VW T5.1 Caravelle in deep pearl black and am very happy with it but i was wondering weather the swivel base that the 2x single seats in the rear come on can be removed and transferred to the front passenger seat to enable that to rotate?? I'm not really bothered about the...
  17. Swivel Seats in a Kombi

    Hi all! I was thinking about putting in swivel seats in my T5 kombi (08) (2 rear seats, double bench seat in front). Probably the kiravans one and a Rib drivers swivel. I wondered if any of you with a Kombi set up had done so and if you have does it work out okay or too close together /...
  18. T4 captains seat with arm rest and bench seat

    I'm after a captains seat and bench seat with the shoulder belt . Ideally I would like to swap for my Saab captains seats. One comes with a swivel safe and the other with a regular T4 base Thx Dave
  19. 2 Saab 9-3 part leather captains seats

    Swap Shop
    I have 2 Saab seats , one with a swivel safe and the other with a regular t4 single base for sale . I would ideally like l swap them for a t4 inca captains seat and a bench seat. I'm in Bristol and I can upload some pics if needed. Thx D
  20. FASP Swivel on Alfa 156 Seat

    Hi, Anyone fitted a FASP Swivel to an Alfa 156 seat. looking at doing mine but the base of the alfa seat has a bulge i will need to grind / cut off in order to sit flat on the swivel. Not keen on dropping cash to have it not work out. Things always seem to cost more here in Australia. So has...