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  1. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    My Syncro has a lot of rust on the structural bar at the rear under the plastic bumper. What's the best way to go about repairing or replacing this? Is it even possible to replace it completely?
  2. T4 Syncro Garage
    Hi. My 2001 Syncro LWB has started to produce a whining/grinding noise when driving. I cannot pinpoint the noise but mine doesn't have the knob in the cab for a diff lock so not sure if it is the diff that is causing the noise. If it were the diff is there anybody who can recondition/rebuild...
  3. T4 Syncro Garage
    We are just about to set off around Europe in our 1998 T4 2.4 lwb Syncro. It's fitted with Khumo Ventura AT 215 R15 105 S tyres. There is no tyre pressure plate inside the door frame. Can anyone recommend the best pressures?
  4. General T4 Chat
    Pardon for my noob ignorance but how do I tell if I have a SWB or LWB van and if it is long-nose or short nose? It's a T4 Syncro from 2001 (the 2.5 TDi) but apart from that information the vehicle registration certificate doesn't tell me any more.
  5. T4 Syncro Garage
    I have an opportunity to purchase a set of alloys from an Audi A3 (year 2000) and was hoping to fit them on my T4 Syncro. If I buy I am going to remove the Audi centre piece and hopefully replace with a VW symbol centre piece. Do anybody have any experience fitting these alloys to an T4...
  6. T4 Syncro Garage
    Hi. My Syncro has the normal rubber mat in it that has seen better days. Is it possible to replace this with VW bought carpet? (I was hoping to get a red carpet) Or would I need to go for some custom cut carpet pieces. It's a 2001 model Syncro with the 2.5 TDi engine.
  7. T4 Syncro Garage
    Hi. On a syncro I have bought there's a rectangular hole cut out of the front bumper and (a much cleaner cut) in the belly pan. Please excuse my noob ignorance but what are these holes for?
  8. T4 Syncro Garage
    Hi. On my Syncro (T4 Syncro 2001 2.5 lt.) I have not got the full service history for it. I'm presuming the timing belt needs to be changed on it and that it will be a costly job to do. Is there any way to tell if it needs changing without the full service history or if not marked on the engine?
  9. General Van Chat
    I have a T4 Syncro with a few bits missing from the engine bay. I'm trying to replace everything that's missing or needs replacing. Could somebody post some close-up photos of their 2001 T4 Syncro 2.4 TDi engine bay so that I can find out the bits that are missing from mine?
  10. General Van Chat
    Hi. I'm new and please forgive if I have posted in the wrong forum. I have a '01 T4 Syncro. I can see one VIN number stamp located in front of the windscreen on the body in the below the wiper. Where can I find all the VIN number locations on the van?
  11. Show Us Your...
    Me and my mate went out for a mooch yesterday in the moors before the snow buggered off again. This is what we found :D
  12. T4 Syncro Garage
    I was mucking about on the moors today before all the snow left for another year. I tried to get stuck and succeeded I: When I was trying to get out of the hole I was digging, there was a buzzing noise coming from behind the dash each time I gave it some beans and the back wheels span. Any ideas...
  13. General Van Chat
    Hi. I have been looking for the Haynes manual for my van for a while and I can find the manual for the non-syncro Transporter. These manuals do not cover the Syncro unfortunately. Is there a separate manual for Syncro vans?
  14. General T4 Chat
    Sorry to pop up here after so long without any input into the forum but I've not had a van for a while. A good friend has an apparently quite rare bus for sale. So I'm looking for a bit if advice... Firstly, is it rare and second, what's it worth? It's a 2000 on an X Reg T4 Long Nose...
  15. T4 Syncro Garage
    So the long journey of finally fixing up our LWB syncro 'Cuthbert' begins. Had him since 23 August 2010, and done the odd patch up to keep him going, but not alot more - he's done us well though taking us camping in Scotland and Wales. We raised the suspension by about 80mm to fit all terrain...
  16. New T4 Members Forum
    A weeks worth of T4 ownership and rather happy. Sold off a T3 Syncro with dual locks, RnR and other "expedition" rigging and bought a Silvergrey 2002 Pop-top, Syncro, 7 seater Multivan with a 2,5Tdi, sliding windows both right and left, 2 leasure batteries and an functional Eberspacher as well...
  17. T4 Syncro Garage
    Just a quick one. I've just made it to northern Norway after a 2500 mile trek up. All the way from Denmark its been making a typical buggered wheel bearing noise from the front. It gets louder round left hand bends. We are at my partners parents and her father is a mechanic who owns the local...
  18. T4 Syncro Garage
    Just seen this on eBay. Never knew they did a Syncro. Was any of the running gear common with the T4? :* 1999 VOLKSWAGEN SHARAN 2.8 Carat VR6 Syncro 5dr Auto 121398353527
  19. Steering & Suspension
    can anyone tell me, if VW make them, the part number for larger or lifting springs as I'd like my syncro to be a bit taller... cheers
  20. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Right, my turn to give this a shot. I've been loving looking at the rest of the builds on here so I thought I'd try and document a little of mine for posterity. I'm Matt by the way and I've been after a T4 for many many many years. I foolishly bought a Renault Kangoo trekka once which was a...