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  1. T5 T32 130 LWB factory Kombi 6 seater dark blue in excellent condition for sale. Day van conversion with inflatable drive away. 138k miles. £9995ono

    Vans For Sale
    This is a great van that we're only selling due to impending emigration. We've had it for. 3 years and it's been stored in an insulated garage each winter, only seeing summer use. Although older, it's low milage for these, totally reliable, and looks very smart. There are a few small marks in...
  2. Wanted: set of Devonport alloy wheels

    Have recently bought a T5.1 T32, looking for a set of the Devonport alloys if anyone is selling. Thanks
  3. Ignition issue

    Hey folks, I have a 13 Plate T32. It has recently developed an ignition issue where either the key doesn't turn all the way to start or it does and takes a second or two to fire. I have ordered a new ignition switch; at £13 is a quick check but could it be something more sinister? I have a...
  4. T32 Converted Van. Good choice or bad?

    Hello. I don't know much about vans but I am looking to buy a campervan that sleeps 4 and carries 5 people. I am due to look at a converted VW T5 Transporter, Long wheel base, high top, TDI, T32. The more i research, the more confused I become about things like weight restrictions, MOT...
  5. T5 T32 Steel wheels - AT Tyres - Passenger Single Swivel

    Looking to for: Set of steels for T5 T32 General Grabber ATs or similar, suitable for T32 Also looking for a single passenger swivel. I'm located near Doncaster but willing to travel. Cheers
  6. 4 Motion 180ps Alloys

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, Looking to get rid of the 20” Inovit Speedy alloys that my T5.1 came with and looking to get 16” stock VW alloys with tyres. I was about to get some off eBay that had delivery miles on the tyres however the seller said that they wouldn’t fit 180ps vans. Is this correct? Could someone...
  7. Finally have my T5

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi, After 2 years of searching and making do with a Transit I finally have a Transporter. Thankfully the gearbox fell out of my Transit and crushed my drive shaft, decided I'd take the cash the garage offered on it and find a T5 (T5.1 to be specific). As I'm also new to forums, I'm not sure...
  8. ARB bushes - what size?

    Steering & Suspension
    I am currently looking at swapping out my bushes to powerflex bushes. The reason being is that i have just had carpal tunnel release surgery and am unable to drive it myself for a few weeks which lead me to being a passenger in the back the other day and it brought to my attention just how much...
  9. Tyre definition query

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hello all, I am trying to nail down the specs on a new T6 but am stuck on which tyres are best. The VW website gives the following descriptions. Coming as standard are: Tyres 205/65 R16 C 107/105T with optimised rolling resistance Optional, at no additional cost: Tyres 215/65 R16C 106/104T...
  10. Deposit down, totally blown our budget! 2012 T5.1 180 Sportline

    Show Us Your...
    Been looking for months. Did put a deposit down on a 2011 T5.1 140ps, with a 99% complete conversion. But we lost faith with delays, increased costs etc so we pulled out. Started looking again and found it hard to find the right van with the right spec. Arranged to see two at the weekend...
  11. B14 + weight

    Steering & Suspension
    Sorry if this has been covered but I am unable to fine relevant info/answer. I'm planning on having some B14's fitted to my 5.1 (T32 Kombi) would /should or do I have to consider the load weight. The van is used a my work van, fitted out with dewalt tough system boxes.. Etc has been known to...
  12. 30mm or 40mm lowering for my kombi T32

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi All Looking for advice. Recently purchased a T5 Kombi T32 Highline in Candy White registered Jan 2015. Already fitted VW Sportsline rear spoiler, next is lowering. So the big question 30mm or 40mm for a T32 Kombi ? You can see the current gap in the wheel arch in the pictures, seems to...
  13. 2006 2.5L mtb wagon - build thread

    Team White
    Hi Folks, Just another novice with a new van, no money and big ideas here! I wanted to document my build and say thanks to all the excellent info that these message boards provide. Up until I bought the van a few months ago, I'd never even dreamed about going near my car with a spanner. Now...
  14. To T32 or not to T32?

    General T5 Chat
    Advice needed folks.. Been offered a good deal on a new T32 rather than my preferred option of a T30. What are the pro's v con's of each, other than the weight capabilities of each and the T32 being a bitch to lower? HELP!? This is doing my effin'nut in. Cheers.
  15. wrong oil filter? T32

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi folks, I recently bought what I believe to be a 2006 2.5L diesel SWB... it came with absolutely no paperwork! :D I'm totally inept when it comes to vans/cars, but with the help of you guys here on the forum I'm learning slowly. The sticker in the drivers foot well tells me that the engine...
  16. T32 Rear springs.

    Hi folks. Looking for a pair of original t32 rear coil springs. I do a lot of towing so shorter or lighter ones are not really an option for me. Please just let me know if you have a set and we can take it from there Cheers.
  17. Gaz coilovers

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi folks, after some gaz coilovers for my t32 didn't know if anyone could recommend a reliable dealer which I can buy a set from? Would like em soonish is there still a long waiting time to get these? :ILU:
  18. 2007 (56) Ex-RAC Silver T5 T32 1.9 104 for sale!

    Vans For Sale
    Hello All, I am having to down size so need to get rid of my van. It's an ex-RAC silver 2007 T5 T32 1.9 104 SWB van on a 56 plate. It's done approx. 129600miles (still using it for day to day so this may go up a little), it had done approx. 112000 when i bought it 2 years ago. It's a tailgate...
  19. T5 standard springs

    Steering & Suspension
    I had my van lowered by VW so i've got a set of standard springs available. They came off a 2010 T5 (T32) with 25k on the clock. If you're interested, make me an irresistible offer, collection from Maidenhead. Cheers! T:
  20. Should I be put off buying a t32?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi all I've been looking for a while now for a 2.5 t5 All I've looked at are rated T30. But a T32 one has come up for sale is there much difference if any I've just herd parts are a lot more expensive Any advice appreciated Cheers Tony