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t4 or t5?

  1. moving to t4 from t5, should it feel this sloppy?

    General Technical
    I had a 2006 t5 LWB with 250k miles on it. It still felt pretty tight. I had to selll it. Now Im looking for a t4 due to cashflow issues. Ive been restricting myself to 1999 and newer to test drive but they all feel so bloody sloppy. Ive driven about 6 so far and the brakes always feel spongy...
  2. Are T5'S Basically anygood??

    T5 Articles & Information
    Before I'm hunted down and lynched, this is a genuine query!! I'm asking all of you as you know about these vans. I'm hunting for a good low milage T5 to convert into a camper. It''ll be used as my daily car for commuting to work etc as well, so it needs to be reliable. I've been reading reviews...
  3. T4 or T5? show me some love.

    General Van Chat
    Hi I am looking for a van to spend a good couple of years in traveling around europe and what not, I want to do my own conversion so looking for a simple van but needs to be strong and reliable. I have been looking for a LHD but are hard to get over here and with the euro being strong seams...