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  1. Wanted - T5 Kombi

    Hello, We are looking for a T5 Kombi to buy. As not being able to find the one that we need on and other sites, I decided to come here. We are looking for a T5 Kombi, colour doesn't matter, Under 150k miles. Windows and doors both sides. 2 seats in front and 3 in back.
  2. Sliding door handle, fail!

    General T5 Technical
    Hi all, Great forum, loads of helpful people on here.....could 1 of you help me please? As the title suggests, I've got a problem with the sliding door handle on my T5. The inner handle works and opens the door, however the outer handle DOES NOT. I took the door card off to have a look and...
  3. 2.5 Engine vw data sheet, MUST READ

    Engine & Gearbox
    I found this 18 months ago, its a good reference and very informative if you have a 2.5. http://pierro777.free.fr/DOCVAG/2.5_TDI.pdf
  4. A few T5's in Hampshire auction!!

    General T5 Chat
    Bit far for me to go and have a look but some well specced T5's, all 130's, electric packs, think air-con, some twin sliders. May be of interest to some of you if you are around that area. http://www.pdsgroupauctions.co.uk/lot_list.asp?saleid=413&siteid=1&h=1
  5. FS: RR > T5 Fitting kit for alloys

    Parts For Sale
    ** SOLD, Nothing to see here... well there is but you're wasting your time reading this, honestly, stop reading and make a cup of tea or something ** I bought a fitting kit from PCS UK (ebay seller) on Friday. The wheels I had rubbed on the calipers so I sold them and I now have a kit for...
  6. T5 Bike Rack

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi I'm a short female with a gorgeous T5 but want to carry my mountain bike on the tailgate. The T4 bike rack is a perfect height for me but the T5 means I need to lift bikes almost above my head. Whilst I have a lightweight bike and sufficient muscles (!!) it would be great to not have to lift...
  7. People with T5's ....

    The Pub
    I think i'm individually coming to the consensus that the majority of people that own VW T5's are simply people who have more money than sense and can't\don't have any idea how to do the simplest of jobs on their vans. They lack the creativity or skills to perform the task given to the. So my...
  8. Advice on buying a T5 camper

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi guys, I'm totally new to any vehicle bigger than the oversized biscuit tin I currently drive so I would very much appreciate some advice on buying a T5 camper van. I would like a metallic blue 2004+ year old pop top with a 1.9L, 104bhp engine, with a relatively low mileage, fully kitted out...