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  1. Replacement caravelle table top?

    Customising / Modding
    Is it possible to buy a replacement top for the Caravelle table? I want to veneer the one in my van, but I'd be a lot less nervous if I knew I wouldn't have to replace the entire unit if I balls it up!
  2. Multitable

    Hi all, newbie here. Just purchased a 2006 multivan and would like one of the multi tables, the folding ones which use the rails. Does anyone know where I might get one second hand. I have tried the usual suspects, eBay, gumtree etc but no luck as yet. Any other ideas appreciated. TIA.
  3. Camping table stored in the side door: The Loc8 Table System

    T6 Conversions
    At last a T5 and T6 campervan table that is stored in the nearside sliding door of RHD vans. The Loc8 Table The custom built table has the advantage of being stand alone; meaning that it can be used either inside or outside the van. With the top manufactured from high quality 10mm CPL faced...
  4. Sliding door table Loc8 Table System

    At last a T5 and T6 campervan table that is stored in the nearside sliding door of RHD vans. The Loc8 Table The custom built table has the advantage of being stand alone; meaning that it can be used either inside or outside the van. With the top manufactured from high quality 10mm CPL faced...
  5. Help needed! My Caravelle seats and table are jammed together.

    Very excited to have my new van , but almost immediately I've norsed it up. I've managed to push my bench seat forwards such that it is jammed up against the table. I did this by moving it fully forward when the bench was folded down, then lifting the seat up which locked in place. If you do...
  6. Table brackets

    T5 Conversions
    Hi, looking for some advice and dimensions on tables. I am part way through a kitchen build and need some dimensions for fitting a table. I am hoping to fit a table with a rail against the kitchen units. I want to run the rail just below the work surface but need to know how much clearance I...
  7. Fold down tailgate table

    T5 Conversions
    Has anyone ever created a table that folds out of the back of their van along the lines of something like this? http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/content/dam/images/hgrm/fullset/2013/7/17/2/Original-Laurie-March-ODOC-kitchen-fold-down-table-with-tag2_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960.jpeg I'm trying to...
  8. VW Table prototype.

    General Van Chat
    Hi all, Went to the workshop this morning and had a little idea. Grabbed some scrap material and a few tins of paint and got to work (play). I have design a new table to fit into either vans or home. The real one will have a glass top with counter sunk polished stainless steel screws in 8...
  9. Table Tops and Legs now in stock

    Hi We now have a large range of table tops and table legs in stock, made from our light weight Superva Plywood and edged with silver T trim. These can be sent by carrier to almost any destination along with the legs. Give Samantha a call on 0117 9718729 for a price and availability
  10. barn door table

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi. Looking at either a drop down table attached to one of my barn doors or a way of secring a table to the door so I can leave it attached when I open and close it. Has any body done this?
  11. Multi-function table holder faulty

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi just got my first VW T5 caravelle and loving it. Unfortunately the cup/drinks holder in the multi-function table is faulty. When pushed in won't spring out like the other side. Need to remove it to see what the problem is but don't know how. Any suggestions?? Great forum BTW as cruise control...
  12. Exterior table recommendations

    General T4 Chat
    Anyone any recommendations for a reasonable size camping table which fits nicely into a t4 our two young kids go mental eating in the van so it would be good to be able to eat outside when weather permits :)
  13. VW T5 Caravell multifunction table

    Parts For Sale
    VW T5 caravelle multi function table. In good condition, usual general wear marks. One of the drinks holders at one end doesn't pop out on its own like the other end but does come out. £225. Collection preferred as heavy.
  14. Caravelle table alternatives

    As per title really, anyone done anything different with a table and sliding rails? Thinking of getting rid of my caravelle table and getting/making something different.
  15. My new custom table for under £30 :)

    General T4 Chat
    Really been loving the custom tables on here but could not afford the price tag that came with them. Good old fashioned built not bought for under £30. Started with a picture and a little photoshop, find a decent graphic printing place and some wood. Ooooosh i absolutely love it!! Big head right...
  16. Table and chairs stowage..??

    General T5 Chat
    I'm looking for some clever ways to stow a table as chairs. I've seen the California — table in the slide door, chairs in the tailgate — but I haven't come across any third party solutions like that. Has anybody found (or made) anything that makes clever use of space...?? Thanks
  17. R&R bed front to table?

    I was thinking about making the panel across the front base of my new R&R bed dual pupose so that it doubles as the table, attaching it to the metal frame with strong magnets so it's easy to remove. Anybody done anything like this??
  18. cheap T4 spares - any takers?

    eBay Listings
  19. skim board table with cup holders

    eBay Listings
    ive just listed this on ebay as due to a change of design and colour scheme its not gonna fit.... if anyones interested either have a bid or make an offer ......:ILU: 280650091920
  20. Stow away sliding door table

    I have made a table that stows away in the sliding door panel. This attaches to a swing table leg. The trouble is the door won't fully slide open, as the table rubs against the wheel arch. Has anyone else tried this before and if so how have you overcome making enough clearance between...