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  1. T5.1 Shuttle, tailgate opens by itself

    Hello all. Ive just bought my first camper which has an annoying fault. When stationary or when driving the tailgate solenoid can be heard activating causing it too open. Ive tried disconnecting the interior elec release switch and also the exterior handle release switch but the fault still...
  2. T4 tailgate gas strut upgrade broke my ball pin brackets.

    Customising / Modding
    Hi all, Hope you can help/advise here. I recently upgraded the gas struts on my 1991 T4 (2.0 petrol version), installing the INSUPPA 1200N kit. The purpose of this, like most people, was to hold the tail gate up with a bike rack mounted on the back. Unfortunately after only 2 months the...
  3. Tailgate Bike Rack gap?

    General T5 Chat
    I've bought a secondhand VW tailgate bike rack. Described as fitting a T5/T5.1, but when I fit the rack to the van there's a gap between the rubber of the top mount of the rack and the door. This doesn't look right to me. See picture. I've undone the bolts to see if there is any adjustment and...
  4. Supplier of tailgate conversion strut mounts now Vagnostics have gone?

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Looking for strut mounts for my upcoming barn door to tailgate conversion, everyone recommends Vagnostics, but over the course of the last few months they seem to have closed down - website and facebook have both gone, google reviews is full of bad stuff. So does anyone know of another source...
  5. Interior Lights for tailgate

    Tried searching online and can't find anything useful, so... Has anyone tried fitting lights to the inside panel of the rear hatch? Given how high it goes, I figure it would be a good way of putting light into the boot/rear load area and also the ground/bumper/tow-hitch etc.. So how come I...
  6. water leak in tailgate

    T6 General Chat
    Advice please? I've just bought a nearly-new T6 Kombi from a VW dealer. After it rains, when I open the tailgate I can hear water sloshing in the cavity, and (if parked on a slope) water dribbles out of the interior holes! Here's a video: https://vimeo.com/313958598/e7241c05b4 The seals...
  7. Reversing camera T5.1 tailgate

    After a little bit of assistance/advice. About to wire in a reversing camera in my T5.1 LWB Shuttle (tailgate). My question is do i need to connect the Red/black wire (highlighted in red) to the reversing light? if i do i best get some more cable, don't recon it'll reach from number plate up to...
  8. Cut tailgate rear threshold cover to fit barn doors?

    Why do all these plastic covers cost so much?!? I'm trying to find a plastic rear threshold cover for barn doors for less then £40. Some of the tailgate ones seem to be a bit cheaper - can I cut bits off the tailgate model to fit barn doors? :*
  9. Tailgate Washer Jet Replacement

    General T5 Technical
    So my rear washer (tailgate) was missing the cover/cap thing so shot water straight behind when used, like it since purchased as the previous owner had the parts and is a family friend so was going to find and give us the parts. It turned out when I got the new parts that the nozzle had...
  10. Wanted: Tailgate for 2012 VWT5 SWP (Advice required)

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hey folks, I don't know if I'm to put up 'WANTED' requests on the forum, but I'm keen to change the barn doors on my van for a Tailgate. I've been looking for nearly a year. My van is candy white, but I'm happy to purchase a tailgate in a different colour IF someone has one available... Obvs...
  11. 2005 LWB Shuttle fully converted to Camper

    Vans For Sale
    NOW SOLD THANKS FOR LOOKING .php?albumid=59497&pictureid=447762[/img]
  12. Caravelle Tailgate Trim

    …preferably with the upper handle aperture and if possible, the window surround trim. If you don't have the window surround trim, contact me anyway T: Many thanks!
  13. T5 Tailgate: WHat is this part? Activity Sensor?

    Hi All, While insulating / lining panels in my T5.1 LWB Shuttle, ive noticed a part loose in the tailgate but can't really figure out where it should fit. Part # 7e5827611 Descriptions from google listing it as an activity actuator. It is connected to the tailgate loom and I guess it should...
  14. Tailgate Thermo Mat T5 2003�2015

    Parts For Sale
    Tailgate & Side Window Thermo Mats T5 2003–2015 Tailgate & Side Window thermo mat. Great to block out the light as well. The tailgate thermo mat fits T5s from 2003 to 2015 with a tailgate. It should also fit a T6. Easy to fit and comes with the suckers. £15 I also have a side window...
  15. T5 SWB 1.9 140 Full conversion, Tailgate, Caravelle

    Vans For Sale
    Hi all, So, due to our family increasing in size (more than we'd originally planned-twins):eek:, were having to sell our van in order to help fund an extension. The details: - 97k - Comprehensive service history - Just had a full service & fitted new cambelt kit and waterpump (it's second...
  16. T5 Tailgate Lock Problem

    Hello all, This is my first post and I'm fairly new to the forum so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I have a 2006 T5 panel van that I have nearly finished converting. Since I bought the van in 2015 there has been a problem with the tailgate lock. The central locking appears to be...
  17. Tailgate awning

    T6 General Chat
    Hi campervanners LOL: We are about to finally get our hands on our T6 LWB Conversion. (Its only taken 10 years of thought and procrastination!!) Does anyone use a tailgate awning, as kitchen is situated at rear of van? Which ones are good, better and best? As usual, your advice is gratefully...
  18. What's best tailgate spoiler

    Customising / Modding
    Hi guys , new to forum so hope I'm in right place. Finally got my dream T5 65plate highline in natural grey, now the work begins . I'm looking for a tail gate spoiler and still don't know what material or good fit supplier. I want to bond on and don't want to be adapting it to get good fit. Any...
  19. tailgate interior door handle

    Do any of you T4'ers know if there is a door handle available to fit on the interior of the tailgate so that it can be opened from the inside. Preferably with a locking mechanism incorporated. My van has a small hole in the tailgate door panel with a red triangle button/lever thing for opening...
  20. T5 Tailgate Struts

    Parts For Sale
    I fitted a bike rack so had to go for the uprated tailgate struts so have the set I took off up for grabs. There's nothing wrong with them and if you don't fit a bike rack they're more than up for the job of holding the tailgate open. I paid £110 for the new ones from Banwy so will sell the...