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  1. Coolant warning light - temperamental

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, newbie posting, so hopefully someone can help. I have 1.9 Tdi (2006) LWB T5 (136k miles) and recently coolant alarm light flashes upon starting the van, most notably if it has sat for a couple of days. If you look at the expansion tank, the level looks a bit low. My mate says this happens...
  2. Tank removal, bit of a leak :-/

    General T5 Technical
    So. Today I set about installing the floor mounts for a triple seat. This meant dropping the tank, which was a bit of a daunting thought. Anyway, behind the plastic filler neck trim you have a bolt which supports the neck and has an earth... now, when I took this bolt out, out came A LOT of...
  3. Fresh Water Tank

    General T5 Chat
    I have a LWB T5 converted by Camper King. I've noticed when I fill the fresh water tank using a hose, that quite a lot of water continues to run out under the van after I've filled it. I assume this is the overflow, but it also comes out when I brake. I spoke to Camper King and they assured me...
  4. Waste water tank

    General Technical
    The waste tank will not drain. Opening the valve in the gas bottle cupboard has no effect. Probing the outlet pipe underneath with a knitting needle (gently) has no effect. Help! We are touring Wiltshire prior to returning home to France and have no idea how much more the tank will take. (27...
  5. Fuel sender access panel?

    General Technical
    Before I go to the effort of taking the seats and floor mat out of my 2003 2.5tdi T4 to see if there's an access panel above the fuel sender, can anyone tell me if there is one as per most vehicles, or if I need to drop the tank from the vehicle in order to access the fuel sender in the top of...
  6. Fuel tank question.

    General T5 Technical
    How much of a gap is there between the top of the fuel tank and the floor?
  7. T4 800 Special Fuel Capacity?

    I'm guessing it is 80 litres? The manual we bought with the van says so, but I'm not even sure it is the right manual for the van.. Our transporter isn't running to full capacity.. The tank only takes about £40 worth of diesel.. Could there be a blockage of some sort.. There is a small dint in...
  8. Flushing the coolant

    Engine & Gearbox
    My vans a 2.4d and i suspect the head gaskets gone. But before i get into all that i know the expansion tank is spraying coolant out. Got a brand new bottle and cap from GSF so gunna start by curing that problem. while ive got the tank off, whats the best way to fully drop the coolant and flush...
  9. CAK Waste Tank ...... HELP !

    T5 Conversions
    I have just tried to offer up my new CAK 203 waste tank that fits in front of the spare wheel and the inlet is less than 2" from the exhaust ... adding waste pipe will actually foul the exhaust ...... there's no one in at CAK to talk to on Sunday so will have to call Monday. Anyone here tried...