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  1. Tax question from a n00b

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi All We're planning on getting a VDub to use as a weekend camper. Having read through the excellent thread at http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=78966 we've decided to go for a LWB and add a nice, wide bed plus at most a couple of kitchen units with a burner & small sink. In terms...
  2. Re-registering as Motor Caravan

    T5 Conversions
    I am interested in the position of individual Vehicle Registration Offices (VRO) on this matter. Could anyone who has changed the classification of their van to Motor Caravan within the past 12 months please post the following. Original spec of vehicle before change. Which VRO they used. DIY...
  3. Importing a Van from Germany ??

    General Van Chat
    Has anyone any experience if doing this ? Buying a van in Germany and driving it back to register here. I have the vehicle import pack from the DVLA, but a couple of things I am unsure about. One is insurance and road tax to drive it home, 1000+ miles on the continent and 300+ miles here...
  4. Twin Burner Stove Necessary?

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Was wandering if I need to have a twin burner stove to be classed as a camper van on my V5. I currently have a portable single burner stove in the van along with the usual bed, sink and storage. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I intend to send the V5 off soon to re-classify the panel...