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  1. Team Blue
    Well, after a six month rebuild she's nearly ready to hit the road... It's Niagara Blue over Pastel White - a tribute to the 71/72 era Microbus, the Transporter's heyday (and my favourite colour scheme)
  2. LWB Garage (All Versions)
    Been dying to have my own build thread for years! So, here goes!... For those that know me, this will be my second van, but the first which is starting out as a complete blank slate. I've had many, many, many epic times with my T4, but I found the right base van at the right time so it's time...
  3. Team Blue
    Here's my blue beauty, Dimples :D She's a 2.5 TDi with tailgate! Paint still a little "newly born" so have had to refrain from driving her around for now, but I could quite happily stare at it for hours on end lol Team Blue yeow!
  4. Team Blue
    Hiya all, Team blue seems to be the place to be, is my latest purchase worthy ? He's an original colour...
  5. Team Blue
    Here is my entrant into the team blue! Hope yall like!
1-7 of 7 Results