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team red
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  1. Team Red
    my boy for Team Red
  2. The Workshop
    After getting a new job that required transport the painful decision was made to get rid of my '72 Devon Bay and get something more practical for the everyday. Then the missus stepped up and suggested we get a T4 camper and kill two birds with one bus. Well I was hardly going to say no...
  3. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Evening all. Well, I'm back in a T4 after a long enough break. This time it's a bit different with a bit more of a challenge and that's not including the wrong hand drive part! Picked it up this evening and the thing smokes as much as I used to, knocks a tad and is a wee bit rough around the...
  4. General T4 Chat
    Just bought myself a new T4 for a slow, long and hopefully cheap project. This is my 4th T4 over the past 8 years and by far the worst condition.... a proper all out project :) Vans in the past have always been of a reasonable standard with nothing but my own stamp to add. This one is going to...
  5. Team Red
    Heres my team red offering! Am i in?
  6. T4 Conversions
    Right, I got this van a while ago with a pretty optimistic aim of travelling down through Europe this summer. After saving funds whilst studying at uni (difficult) I have begun sorting it out from a panel van to a camper, hopefully. The battery has gone flat whilst at uni seen as the family...
  7. Team Red
    Hello all!! I'm a noobie T5 owner! I purchased my beaut 2 weeks ago, she needs some TLC, but already in the last 2 weeks i've been ripping her apart and starting from nout to turn her into a camper. Shes a 2.5 /130, Already shes suffered the ever so common 'missing gears' - rather red faced...
  8. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Ok bought a 93 Westy late last year, after looking down every avenue on what to but i.e van and convert myself, van already converted or a westy. Though Buying a Van and converting myself had some advantages probably would have ended up with a newer van but time was not on my side as needed...
1-8 of 9 Results