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  1. New T4 Members Forum
    First time owner, 888 special, planning self build interior after I deal with rust! All advice welcome.
  2. The Workshop
    So I've finally got one and couldn't wait to start. The plan keeps it reasonably simple as a Kombi with pop top and some additional electrics so it remains multi-functional. We may go for a slide pod in the future but for now I want to make sure its well trimmed out and comfortable with a pop...
  3. Team White
    hi all new T5 owner and pleased to join team white !
  4. The Workshop
    Hey guys, a few people have asked me about making a thread to show my build as it goes so I thought I'd have a crack at it! A little about me, I'm a 24 year old musician, haven't ever attempted anything like this before and this is also my first ever van, so I'm kind of figuring it out as I go...
  5. The Workshop
    This is my 1.9td, bought it January last year with 176,000 miles. it had been insulated and carpeted before i got it but other than that was pretty bare. first thing to do was to change the roof from the hard board and do it one sheet ply with a cover i fitted the roof with ikea diode...
  6. The Workshop
    Hi all So i've decided to make a build thread on my 1996 White 1.9td T4. I have no idea why as i'm well known to myself for being rubbish at taking photo's:confused: I brought the van 1 1/2 years with a home made conversion in the back, a rubbish side window job and a sunroof. The bumpers and...
  7. Team White
    Finally after six months out with smashed wrist I've managed to get some things done to my Superfunbusvan. Go Team White!A:
  8. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi guys Just to introduce myself and my van! Been lurking for a while but finally got round to register. Looking for a T5.1 so my girl is currently for sale. T5 Kombi Conversion (Transporterland) 1.9TDI T28
  9. Team White
    Hi folks, Got our T4 couple of months ago. Keen dubber already. Given the reg he's called Hugo! Here's a few pics; and the result of the great awning debates on here...
  10. New T5 Members Forum
    Yesterday I collected my first T5 /28 130 commercial ready for converting (Team White) and just wanted to say how excited am I!
  11. Team White
    Here's a couple of shots of my T5! Specs: 2.5 TDI 130ps LWB Tailgate About to start a camper conversion on it soon T: Whatcha think?
  12. T4 Conversions
    So the journey begins! Me and my girlfriend have just purchased this beautiful w reg vw t4 with 62000 on the clock! It was originally owned by a chap who done car valeting so he kept a pressure washer inside so there is some surface rust work to be done inside. The plan is for it to end up...
  13. Team White
    Got my van ready converted (cheating I know) from NKS Commercials, found them on e-bay and very happy with the results, it's a 2012 T5 Panel van with: Black roof (is that allowed) F&R Spoilers 20 inch Alloys Leather Kombi Seats (x6) Privacy Side Glass & Rear Barn Doors LED Roof Board Black-out...
  14. Camping & Excursions
    :ILU::ILU: Hello, Just to let you know that Wicker Sunday are playing at Vanfest 2010 on Saturday in the Severn hall. :ILU: I'm a proud T4 owner representing team white:cool: Any support would be awesome and we can talk T4'S before, after or during our set:) With songs topics including alien...
1-14 of 14 Results