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team yellow

  1. Remap party in Aberdeen?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there New to the forum so sorry if this is in the wrong place. I just bought a 1.9 TDi ex AA T5 (Team Yellow/Team EU06) and I'm looking to get the engine remapped up to 140 hopefully. I've got a price from Angel Tuning http://www.angeltuning.co.uk/ for £245 but if anyone else is interested...
  2. Ex AA summer project!

    Team Yellow
    Here she is! Only had it a couple of weeks, got a mate to do a respray of the bottom half to get rid of the ex AA green stripe, and to sort out the little patches of rust, of which there are now none! He also sprayed a spoiler and stuck it on for me, which makes it look better. Next is getting...
  3. Let the games commence!

    T4 Conversions
    Hi everyone, Well I have been watching the forum since around December 2006 and bought my little lady in the start of 2007. Since then she has had one shoe-string refit; an upgrade in 2008 when I paid my subscription to the forum and now......... Third time lucky is what I told my girlfriend...
  4. Electric Mirrors Question

    I've got an Ex AA Team Yellow, but the LH Electric mirror doesn't work. I've taken the glass out and had a look at the wiring briefly! Nothing more than a quick look, all seems OK to me!!! The weird thing is when in the drivers seat I switch the toggle to L or R when on the R for the RHS...
  5. Can I get away with CMC 600 mm drop springs and 245/45 18's?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hiya gang. I've got some CMC 600 mm Springs and I'm about to buy some wheelbase RS8 replicas (18" 8J, offset of 47) to go on my ex AA banana bus. Do you think I will get away with 245/45's all round and still avoid he dreaded rub, or should I play it safe and go for 235/45's. I can't go any...