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  1. 2.5 AXE torque settings/technical data

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I'm rebuilding my 2.5 AXE after it exploded a couple of weeks ago (something shot out of the front AND back of the block). It comes back next week from the engineers who have reconditioned it, and I'm looking for the torque settings for injector bolts, rocker bolts and clutch if anyone has...
  2. No aor coming thru vents

    General T5 Chat
    We bought a t5 and are having trouble with the fan as it blows hot n it blows cold well I say blow it only blows any air out when its set to screen any of the other vents work with it been hot when we bought it we made the mistake of not trying the fan on the van does anyone have a clue what's...
  3. light switch

    :* Hi guys I have fitted front fog lights to my 1995 VW-T4 and want to change the rear fog-light witch and existing lighting switch and dashboard dimmer to a later combined lights and fog-lights rotary switch and dashboard dimmer, does any body have any instructions or diagrams :confused: on how...
  4. T5 130 engine noise very strange please help

    General T5 Technical
    Hi all, My 2005 130 t28 has just developed a strange noise i should mention at this point that it had been parked up with out being run for aprx 25 mths whilst i went travelling, i recently returned home and it has developed a strange deep sounding noise (almost the sort of noise you would...
  5. New T5 Owner - Yeehah

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    LOL:Hello everyone bought T5 conversion at the weekend and am sooooo happy with it. Would anyone know what the tyre pressure for the front is meant to be as i can't find it in the book (says it is on front panel of left door but can't see it). Tyre itself says 70 psi (sounds high?) It is a T5...