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  1. extra 10% off sale

    https://www.olproshop.com/collections/daily-deals Good morning hope everyone is okay, we are having an extra 10& off our original sale. Our Loopo camper for example is £254. The Loopo is a drive away awning with a pitching time of 25 minutes (or quicker if you know what you're doing) Any...
  2. OLPro Cubo Breeze inflatable awning

    Life Style
    **** SOLD **** I have for sale a new unused OLPro Cubo Breeze inflatable driveaway awning in Sage green/chalk colour. Comes with the footprint groundsheet protector. Selling as I no longer have a suitable van. Collection from Chester area or can deliver in the North West of England/North...
  3. OLPro Cocoon Breeze inflatable awning

    Life Style
    **** SOLD **** I have for sale a brand new OlPro Cocoon Breeze inflatable drive away awning in Grey/Blue. Unused in bag with add-on footprint (groundsheet protector). Suitable for all VW vans and can be used with an awning rail. For sale as I no longer have a van suitable for it. Available...
  4. Retro 70's Six Man Frame Tent

    Life Style
    I've owned this 6 man 'Eurovista' tent for 22+ years and it has been stored in my parents loft for at least 15 odd years. I purchased it from a friend who had looked after it well. In fact I sent him a picture of it today 8) It's a great tent and would look awesome next to a split / bay /...
  5. Rear Door Awning

    General T4 Chat
    are there any commercially available awnings/tents that will fit to the rear door when opened? I am thinking something that uses the opened-to-hotizontal rear door as a roof, and three sides of "material" that form, a small tent/box area beneath the door/roof" ? Alternatively has anyone any...
  6. Drive Away Awning

    Life Style
    I am selling my Campershop Bandit drive away awning. http://campershop.co.uk/drive-away-campervan-awnings/18-bandit-driveaway-awning.html This awning has literally been set up to check it is all there and then packed away again. So practically brand new. Details can be seen on the link above...
  7. Connecting a Gelert Large End Porch? Kador Strip?

    General Van Chat
    I have a Gelert Large End Porch. Although this picture doesn't show it, the end shape should fit a T5 perfect. http://www.sportsdirect.com/gelert-large-end-porch-789116?colcode=78911602 However it doesnt have any type of strip attached to it. Does anyone know how you can fit a strip to a tent...
  8. Gybe T5 Bus Tent

    T5 Conversions
    Anyone got one of these? I've after a drive away awning that will 'pop-up' in no time at all. It seems expensive, but the inflatable Gybe T5 Bus Tent seems to fit the bill. If anybody's got one or can offer first-hand experience, love to hear about it..?? T:
  9. Praise for Khyam

    General Van Chat
    Hi All, I bought a Khyam Driveaway XL in July 2011 and the following year two sections of the poles broke which were repaired with gaffer tape. This year a section of the front pole snapped along its length splitting in two causing the tent to collapse and fill with water. I found my original...
  10. Royal Traveler drive away tunnel awning

    Life Style
    Hi I have decided to buy a new awning so my old Royal Traveller tunnel drive away is up for grabs. can be seen up here: http://www.royal-leisure.co.uk/traveller-annexe-118-p.asp In good condition, only used a few times, no rips or tears. Truly great awning loads of room will sleep six...
  11. Kyham Nevada tent

    Life Style
    This is the same as the driveaway xc awning, but does not have the part which attaches to the van. They no longer sell them I believe It's only ever been put up once for a trial run, and taken down an hour later. So as new. This is the awning version Driveaway xc And this is the tent I'm...
  12. wind out awning question?

    General Technical
    Does anyone know of a wind out awning like the fiamma ones but with sides and a door on too? Maybe zip on ones as i can appreciate it might not be possible to fit all that in the rail tube thing... Basically id like a tent that fits into the rail stowage if anyone knows of one that exists...
  13. diy install poptop popblems

    T5 Conversions
    I'm installing a poptop myself but the instructions were just scribbled on two sheets ofA4 Now I've cut the roof ,out I found the side rails were too long. Sunday no rain:):confused: Couldn't contact them found out today thatim posed to cut off 5inches :eek: Not a word about this in the hour I...
  14. VW Split screen shaped Tent ....

    The Pub
    just had email from Firebox with this.... http://www.firebox.com/product/3644/VW-Camper-Van-Tent?itc=276&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WTF_367&src_t=nwt&src_id=367&via=nlmain what u think.....be great as an awning, maybe?I: