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  1. leisure battery check after 100W solar panel fitted

    I have a MPPT with 100W flex panel. Linked to a 100Amp battery. I was testing the battery today with the fridge so turned it on and cranked it to 6. I was getting 38-80w from the panel when I was checking it today but the Voltage was still 12.7v . I have come home turned the fridge down to 3...
  2. Browser wars ........ help me test my theory.

    The Pub
    Hi all, I need help testing a theory so I would need your assistance please. :D First of all I will post three identical images, all are 900 x 600 pixels, numbered 1 to 3 Please could you let me know which images you can see and those that you can't ( #1, #2 or #3 ) and please could you...
  3. Yet more problems with this site ....... post test

    The Pub
    It seems I'm experiencing yet more problems with this forum. I just posted an updated to my quad headlight project ( post #2271 ) ...... it seems to have lost it's way into oblivion ! :* The 'New Posts' section detected it as the entry was right at the top, but when you click on it, it's...
  4. MAF Sensor quick check

    I'm sure this may have been asked a thousand times already but can't seem to find any answers one way or another. Ok , if I disconnect my MAF sensor and the van runs the same as with it connected, and the wiring tests come up spot on, and the air flow system has been tested for leeks and...
  5. MOTs to change?

    General T4 Chat
    Just thought this was interesting and wondered what people's take on it is regarding T4s(or any vehicle for that matter, I guess). MOT every 2 years would be kinda nice, but then you may get a bigger, uglier surprise when the test does come along! :*...
  6. Balljoints and Suspension - Help please.

    Steering & Suspension
    So I need some simple help please gurus. Ive got a noisy front end on my T4, and its getting progressively worse. travel over rough ground emphasises the issue, which is akin to a boneshaker - its very noisy and rattly. im not sure if its a CV/Balljoint issue (and not entirely sure of the...