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  1. Items for sale

    Parts For Sale
    Just Kampers 7 Piece Thermo Mat Set for VW T5 SWB 2003 on. Keep the warmth in and the sun out with a set of thermo mats. Designed for the short wheel base T5 this 7 piece kit covers the screen 4 side windows (not for twin sliding doors) and cab doors. There are a few small rips in the back of...
  2. Canopy tarp and thermal blinds for sale

    Life Style
    Lightning Leisure medium canopy tarp Comes with the two poles shown in the photos, but you can use an additional two (not included) to extend the tarp out to make a much larger canopy. £45 Just Kampers 7 piece thermal blind set...
  3. Genuine T4 Silver screens fitted insulated windscreen cover

    Parts For Sale
    Beautifully made quality genuine Paragon silver screens outer thermal insulated windscreen cover for vw t4, it is fitted over the front doors inside corners so is secure bought in August and used once, comes in its own storage bag !! £110 []
  4. Rainbow thermal pop top wraps

    General T5 Chat
    Does anyone have one of these? I'm looking at getting one so my van is more comfortable to use in winter. I'm curious to know how easy they are to manage in terms of putting on and taking off by one person. Also, are they secure in windy conditions? Thanks.
  5. Front Thermal window blinds fitting?

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi out there, What are the pros and cons of thermal padded window blinds/ Should I buy internal or external? Thanks for your help
  6. 1991 T4 Reimo restoration begins...with noise and thermal insulation

    T4 Conversions
    1991 T4 Reimo Miami restoration begins...with noise and thermal insulation... I've finally made a start disassembling the interior (after camping trips in the summer) to carry out a mini-restoration. After removing some of the interior panels to fit a 3 point seat belt in the rear, I found...
  7. T5 Thermo screen quality (or lack of)

    General T5 Chat
    I just bought some thermo mats for the cab of my t5 from Just Kampers. When they arrived one of the eyelets was already torn from the material! I'm not impressed by the quality as you can imagine, especially for the price. Anyone else had a similar problem? I cant imagine them lasting long if...
  8. Thermal mats for T4

    Parts For Sale
    I've been sorting out thermal mats for our camper and ended up buying a full set so have some surplus Set of 3 for cab - thick and multi layer, like from Just Kampers with suckers to fit. Really good, nearly new condition with brand new storage bag: These are £50 upwards on eBay etc so £35...