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  1. General T4 Chat
    Had to replace the thermostat housing on my 2.5 tdi the other day, and thought I'd replace the thermostat at the same time. Anybody that's done this will know that it's a pig to hold the thermostat and seal in place whilst you put the cover on and then the bolts, and get the seal to stay in the...
  2. Electrical
    The aux. heater on my window van is on the blink. The digital controller is reading -46 degrees so I think I can safely say it's malfunctioning. I think it might be the thermostat switch part number VW 701 963119, but if anyone has any experience of these Eberpracher night heaters, please let me...
  3. T5 Conversions
    Evening all! Is anyone using a heater that's connected to a thermostat somehow? I like the idea of a diesel heater, but which would keep the van at a set temperature all night. Is this possible and if so, which kits are you using. Thanks!
  4. Electrical
    Hi I'm new here, recently bought a 2002 westfalia T4 camper and the fridge insists on freezing everything. Handy sometimes, but not when it freezes your eggs! I can only guess its a duff thermostat or something similar. Anyone out there had similar experiences or could offer any advice please?
  5. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi guys and girls When I was pushing a car onto the trailer today with the van engine running, there was a pop and a load of steam as it dumped all its coolant. It was there a good half hour before this so it wasn't instant but the radiator hadn't come on. The coolant leak was due to a hose...
  6. The Pub
    My van was overcooling, so as part of the MOT & service today, I've had the thermostat & the temperature sensor changed. Now when I got to the garage to pick it up, I was given this by the smiling mech: :eek::eek::eek::eek: Anybody ever heard of this happening?
  7. General Van Chat
    I have one of these heaters. It works great as in it heats the van as it should. The problem I have is with the thermostat. The whole unit is about 6/7 months old and only been used a handful of times. When the van reaches temperature it turns off. Great so far I hear you say... The van then...
  8. Engine & Gearbox
    Help!T5 getting hot too quickly - fan running at 60C & continues after switching off Hi guys, Can someone please help me?! This is stressing me to the eyeballs!?! Had a T2 back in 93, changed it for T4 in 2000 - none of them ever gave me a days grief. Then in July this year (2011) bought an...
  9. Engine & Gearbox
    I pretty much feel sick.... Ive had some drama's with my T4 1.9d. After a lot of grief with overheating problems and trying some cheaper options, a sniff test confirmed gasses were leaking and (so my garage thought) would be causing it to overheat. So Ive just stumped up my last bit of hard...
  10. New T4 Members Forum
    I am having major problems trying to track down the reason why my temperature gauage has ceased to work. Long story but just to put everyone in the picture. It was all working fine then had waterpump replaced after which gauge would only go to a qtr temp and just sit there. (I have read up that...
1-10 of 10 Results