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  1. General T5 Chat
    I’m currently debating with the mrs, if a lwb is ok for a trip around Europe. Probably up to 6 weeks. What’s the longest anyone has done with two people
  2. The Pub
    Does anyone fancy a crack at the Tour Fantasy League? I've set-up a mini league as per the details below. Simply register your name, pick your team of 9 riders, join the league, and let battle commence! http://www.velogames.com/ League Name: VWTdF League Code: 71011613145 I know its short...
  3. European and Foreign Travel
    I have been planning on travelling Europe in my t4 campervan for quite a long time. I planned to go in June 2014 for four months, but my travel buddy has recently backed out. I am just wondering if there are any kind of organised drives around Europe, or if anyone is interested. The trip I...
  4. Camping & Excursions
    Anyone ever done a trip to a tour? Not really sure how they work. In the Tour de France you always see shed loads of vans on the side off the route. Do they just get there super early before they shut the roads? Looking at heading over to Brecon for the Tour of Britain in September. Cheers
  5. The Pub
    Just saw today that Down have announced some UK dates - one of which is at the Roundhouse in London - great band in a great venue T: really looking forward to itT: Anybody else into them? Or what gigs have you got lined up?
1-5 of 5 Results