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  1. Wanted
    We would like a towbar for the van. As it is Ex-AA, we have a mount for somewhere for it to go. We won't be towing, just using it for a twin bike mount.... Anyone suggest anything we can use? Or where we can get a replacement AA Towbar from? The mount is 2" wide... if that helps at all...
  2. Electrical
    Hi...I've just bought my first T4 and will be fitting a towbar in the near future...can someone please advise me of the best route to get the towbar wiring into the vehicle?...is there a hole/grommet already handily placed or do I have to drill a bloody great hole for the grommet on the wiring...
  3. Wanted
    Its time Betty had a birthday. She has been my faithful companion for a year now and desrves some tlc. Can anyone help with my wish list? Steel wheels for a '94 T4 Sliding door rollers 2.5 petrol air filter box Rear door struts in good nic Near side part of three piece bumper ( the bit under the...
  4. General Van Chat
    Hi all. I (very slightly - did the rivets) helped build a trailer with some mates at work. They all windsurf & wanted a trailer to cart their stuff about. They JUST got it to the point it could be used on Friday afternoon. So we all headed off to Aberdovey for this weekend's Boardwise Demo...
  5. Wanted
    Cheap and cheerful towbar wanted - prefer the one where you don't have to take off the bumper to fit. Electrics would be a bonus but not essential. North west of England would be handy. I could come and remove if necessary... Whatya got?
  6. Electrical
    Hi everyone! i've recently bought a T4 (1995) and want to wire a leisure battery in it. BUT..i noticed it has got a tow bar on it with 2 sockets.. now i'm presuming one is for towing lights and the other is for charging caravans etc..? do you think there could be a split charge relay system in...
  7. Parts For Sale
    Towbar for sale from 2001 AA van with electrics and fittings. £75 collection only please. Thanks, Sam.