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  1. T5 LWB Towing - Test

    General T5 Chat
    What ho folks, I tried towing our twin axle 6 berth caravan with our T5 LWB 1.9TDi. It has had a re-map to 140bhp. With such a big old van i was crapping getting up the hills to get North out of Cornwall. If your interested how it went, you can see here: https://youtu.be/jMAjj-s-gzI Hope...
  2. Indicator beeping noise adjustment?

    Hi I've just hooked up a halfords bike rack on my tow bar and now I get a loud beeping noise when using the indicators or hazard lights. (Is this normal?). I assume the van is beeping to let me know the light board on the bike rack is working ok. My question is can the volume of the beeping be...
  3. Towbar and electrics - T4

    Ireland Wanted Forum
    Anybody handy to Belfast with a towbar and electrics preferably for a 2002 T4?
  4. Tailgate bike rack and towing

    General T5 Chat
    Hey all, we've just got our Caravelle and will be getting a tow bar imminently as we need it to pull the caravan (shudder). However we also bike a lot and need a rack. Are there any of you that regularly tow with a tailgate bike rack in use too? I'm obviously thinking about clearance when...
  5. How do you deactivate rear parking sensors?

    I've had a detachable Witter tow bar fitted to my 2010 T5, which has factory-fitted rear parking sensors. I was expecting the parking sensors ("beep-beep") to be deactivated with the tow bar in place. The fitter tells me I need to manually switch-off the rear parking sensors on the dash. I...
  6. Towing

    Engine & Gearbox
    Evening all I currently have a 1.9 T5 I tow a caravan and to be honest it's struggling to get u a small incline let alone a hill!! I was wondering if a remap may help or even considering changing the engine as I don't want to change the van. Any help much appreciated !?
  7. Bypass Relay Trailer Fog Light Problem

    General T5 Technical
    Hi, just fitted a Westfalia towbar and used a universal bypass relay to my T5 (61 plate), had a few problems as the wiring diagram supplied with the relay was wrong but sorted those out. Now have a problem where the fog lights on the trailer board are permanently lit when connected to the van...
  8. towing with an auto

    Engine & Gearbox
    hello everyone, I have a 1993 2.4 Auto Holdsworth Villa with 78000 on the clock, had 2 new gearboxes in it's earlier life. I know about the fragility of these gearboxes, but being disabled I need one. My dilemma is can I tow a 750kg boat with this box? I'm intending to have the cooling kit...
  9. Should have bought a 174

    General T5 Chat
    Cooling the brakes and engine halfway to Harwich. Very impressed with T5 (2004) fuel consumption but the 130 struggled with hills. Anyone got a 174 four motion?!
  10. T4 Dog Van

    General T4 Chat
    I am new to the forum. Have been lurking for a few days soaking up the atmosphere and having a poke about. Kicking a few virtual tyres if you will. We compete in dog agility and have two collies but will be increasing the pack in over the next few years. Hence I am looking to replace my...