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  1. Front tyre outer edge wearing / feathering fast what could be the cause?

    Steering & Suspension
    My N/S front tyre is wearing down fast on the outer edge , I replaced the front tyres about a month ago because the thread was almost showing and it's started to wear down again . I know I need to take it for geometry check , but was just wondering if anyone knows what's its most like to be ...
  2. Tracking is out... where to look?

    Steering & Suspension
    I bought my t5 (09 plate 150K 1.9) about 2 months ago and the tracking was out, the steering wheel was about 30 degrees to the right. I took it about 2 weeks ago to Bush tyres to get the tracking sorted (and a free suspension and brake check) drove it home and it was perfect. Ive done maybe 100...
  3. Steering wobble when ccelerating over 60

    General T5 Chat
    Hi I bought a 2004 T5 174 BHP model yesterday and it drives perfect up to 55mph but as soon as you apply any power by accelerating gently when over 60mph there is allot of vibration through the wheels and steering wheel. There is a small amount of vibration when coasting but it gets allot worse...
  4. Best / cheapest / most popular GPS tracking option for a T5?

    Can anyone recommend the best / cheapest / most popular GPS tracking option for a T5? I'm driving into mainland Europe for several months and want some extra security, without too much fussing around! Thanks in advance
  5. T4 rear tracking out of alignment?

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Just purchased myself a tatty old T4 as a rolling project, and the van is pulling to the left. Took it into my local tyre shop for the tracking/alignment to be adjusted and they said the rear tracking was out but could not be adjusted? :confused: However they compensated for this by adjusting...
  6. Which GPS Tracking Device

    General Van Chat
    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good GPS tracking device for fitting to a camper van? Cheers
  7. Back2you Tracker

    General Van Chat
    I recently purchased a Back2you top of the range wireless tracker. I have read a lot on here about them being mentioned but not a lot of feedback on how people have got on with them. So here is my experiences. I followed the instructions inside the box to the letter and I started testing /...
  8. T4 1.9TD Wheel Alignment Expert?

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi, we are looking to get our van Betsy driving straight. She is lowered front on the torsion beams, and standard at the rear. Has 16" alloys fitted with 205/55 16 (straight off an Audi a4 estate). We are looking for someone who has decent equipment and experience in T4 in the Bromsgrove (North...
  9. 4 wheel tracking for lowered van near Exeter

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good place to get 4 wheel tracking / camber / toe-in on a lowered ( -60mm) van done near Exeter?
  10. Seized bolts for tracking and alignment

    Steering & Suspension
    Sooo, After having the van lowered decided I should get the tracking sorted. Went to get it done, sat there an hour then they came back only to tell me they couldnt do it because all the bolts are seized. Going to look at them at the weekend but would appreciate any tips / advice you guys might...