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  1. Opening a tailgate or barn doors with trailer hooked up

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, I've been searching (long time lurker!) and there's plenty about tailgate v barn doors but I couldn't find anything about using them while a trailer is hooked up. I'm planning to get a T5 as my main vehicle but will regularly use it to tow a trailer with a car on it - to track days, sprints...
  2. My teardrop build

    Trailers & Teardrops
    I've just brought a 7x4 trailer for £30 off a mate T: This will be a bit of a learning curve for me, so should be fun H: I will be converting over the winter so this may be a very slow build thread :*
  3. Lovely camping trailer

    Life Style
    Really nice camping trailer for sale, is an all metal construction with a lid, tows really well and is a bit of a tardis, would great painted in military colours, or a repaint and some VW stickers would also look great. Running on 10 inch mini wheels with chrome mini trims. Only selling as we...
  4. T4 LWB Pod Trailer :)

    General T4 Chat
    UPDATE 23 apr 2013 Picked up my new LWB Trailer Pod last night. Cant believe to understand how happy i am with the finish. A very big thank you to forum member BULLFROG (Martin) http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/member.php?u=9298 Who built the pod for me. Could'nt of asked for more...
  5. Bypass Relay Trailer Fog Light Problem

    General T5 Technical
    Hi, just fitted a Westfalia towbar and used a universal bypass relay to my T5 (61 plate), had a few problems as the wiring diagram supplied with the relay was wrong but sorted those out. Now have a problem where the fog lights on the trailer board are permanently lit when connected to the van...
  6. Erde 100 trailer incl high top for sale

    Life Style
    SOLD - Erde 100 trailer incl high top for sale SOLD SOLD SOLD I was going to update the thread saying it was on ebay, but as it sold within an hour on ebay i wont bother :-) John R ________________________________________________ As this trailer is now surplus to requirements it needs to be...
  7. Help Needed Moving Van

    General T4 Chat
    Hi Guys and Girls, This is a bit of a strange request, but im slowly running out of options. I need to move a LWB T4 this week from Car Colston (about 11 miles out of nottingham) to my home address (in Nottingham). I can get hold of a 16 foot trailer with winch, but dont have a vehicle to pull...
  8. Teardrop Caravan build

    Trailers & Teardrops
    Hi all, I have decided to try and build a teardrop caravan ( inspired by Psycho's build). After looking around for a while I found a trailer which was 7x4 ft. I got it home and got straight to work stripping it down. Next was to decide on a shape and after trawling the internet and playing...
  9. Helped build a trailer...

    General Van Chat
    Hi all. I (very slightly - did the rivets) helped build a trailer with some mates at work. They all windsurf & wanted a trailer to cart their stuff about. They JUST got it to the point it could be used on Friday afternoon. So we all headed off to Aberdovey for this weekend's Boardwise Demo...
  10. Rubber strip question

    General Technical
    Not technically a T4 question, but I have no idea where else to post this :confused: (feel free to move it mods). I am refurbishing an old trailer, and once it has been painted I would like to add a rubber strip on one on the edges indicated below to increase its waterproofness (good word)...
  11. Small Car Trailer

    General T4 Chat
    As the title suggests im after a small car trailer to drag my sand rail across Europe. I have no idea whats what in the trailer world so can someone point me in the general direction of a decent trailer?