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  1. T4 2.0 AAC petrol engine - conrod bolts?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I am replacing the big end bearings, and need new conrod bolts as they are the stretch type. All the spare parts sites show the bolts that go from the bottom up (as per the manual) but mine are from the top down with a nut at the bottom. Anyone know why, is this an earlier engine? The VIN check...
  2. 1995 T4 Transporter Conversion

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi Guys, I’m picking up my T4 Transporter (2litre petrol) soon and it’s partially converted into a camper (in a bad way) but I’m going to rip out everything and start fresh. I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about electrics/power supply (eg for running a microwave and a little...
  3. Anybody had their van resprayed in upol raptor floor spray? Pictures added

    General T5 Chat
    Just wondering if anyone has had their van fully resprayed in the upol raptor paint ? I'm seriously considering it been looking up videos on YouTube of people doing it to 4x4s etc and there is one of a t4 . The idea of a tougher finish and no polishing is sounding tempting , hand polishing a van...
  4. T5point1 build thread

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Hi all. It's about time I sorted a build thread - I've had my white 64 plate SWB T5.1 for just about a year now and the interior has gone through quite a transformation (shame about the exterior!). The first 5 months of owning the van was where most of the work happened, so it's gonna take a...
  5. Rear Bumper Protector/Sill

    General T5 Chat
    Hi all, I work in a body shop and currently have a T5 onsite with rear impact, I am struggling to source rear bumper brushed steel protector with 'TRANSPORTER' engraved. If someone could point me it the right direction of somewhere that supplies these that would be great. I have attached some...
  6. VW transporter (2015 model) double seated looking for single seat

    Hey, We are new to the VW world and are loving our transporter. We want to change the front double seat into a single to make it easier to access the kids in the back and have seen that its possible and the switch is fairly common... Can anyone A. advise us on what not to miss or forget when...
  7. Bench seat in vw shuttle t5 mini bus swb

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi. i want to fit the rear bench seat in a t5 shuttle swb to bring it back to a 9 seater. I bought the bus with a wheelchair lift in back and am taking it out. Do i need the large reinforcement brackets for this or can i use the smaller ones? thanks donal. any photos would help. Thanks
  8. vw transporter t5.1 140 caravelle day van 2011 6 speed aircon

    Vans For Sale
    For reluctant sale due to house renovations is my VW T5.1 transporter 140bhp 6 speed. It started life as a panel and is still shown as such on the logbook, i have only recently (this winter) converted it in a caravelle style day van. but now i need the funds and also don't want to turn this into...
  9. Vw t4 2.4d lwb - 1995

    Vans For Sale
    For sale, good honest LWB van in decent condition. I bought this to lug stuff about, with possibility of converting in summer. However, having a T5 on the drive already the other half wasn't best pleased, so putting up for sale. I can't tell you a huge amount about it, other than: Bought from...
  10. New Blue Shuttle

    Team Blue
    Just picked up our new van in the last week..2015 T5 Shuttle 140bhp DSG. Roll on the mods ?
  11. T4 SYNCRO factory Highroof LWB 2.5 TDi 4x4

    Vans For Sale
    Volkswagen T4 Transporter Syncro 4X4 Highroof Van. 2.5TDI Diesel, LWB, Air-conditioning, CD stereo, Tow bar recently fitted. Very rare sought after vehicle. Factory Highroof model. Left hand drive imported from Belgium late last year. Drives great. Perfect day van or for full camper conversion...
  12. White Jetski Transporter build.

    LWB Garage (All Versions)
    Just picked up my first Transporter, a white LWB T30 with 54k on the clock. Looking to build this to transport my Jetski to events and be comfortable for the Mrs and baby. Not sure on the layout yet, would like slimline units in the back but not sure if it have the space. I do need plenty of...
  13. Looking for a T5 4motion LWB

    General T5 Chat
    Hi All, I am looking for a T5 4mo LWB with air con & low-mid mileage. If anyone spots, knows or has one they are changing up, let me know. Didn't seem to have access to the wanted page...? Cheers! Sam
  14. VW T4 1.9TD 1997 Camper for sale

    Vans For Sale
    T4 1.9TD 1997 Camper with project van 77 L shape interior and side pop top VW T4 1.9TD 1997 Camper for sale- NOW SOLD Asking £11,000 but will consider all reasonable offers. Located in Gloucester. Contact: Email- [email protected] Phone- 07775423266 For sale is my beautiful campervan...
  15. VW T4 Westfalia California

    Vans For Sale
    VW T4 Westfalia California - Deposit taken After a couple of happy years camping it is time to sell our early VW T4 Westfalia. We have had some great holidays away and only reason for sale is that we don't use it enough now our kids are older. It has all the original fixtures and fittings and...
  16. Defected from the white side

    Team Red
    After a bit of rust had reared its ugly head, I had two new rear arches cut and welded in and two new front wings....whilst it was there, decided on a colour change... Just need some nice black alloys and job's a goodun.
  17. Roof Rack Tray

    Customising / Modding
    hi. Does anybody on here sell or fabricate custom roof rack trays? I'm looking for one similar to a Yakima Megawarrior but it is not sold in Europe and it is costly. https://www.yakima.com/megawarrior I want to put my spare wheel up top on it. I currently have the original VW roof rack so...
  18. Vw Transporter Shuttle rubber matt

    Parts For Sale
    After converting my shuttle to caravelle interior I have the rubber matt left over. £100.. offers !!
  19. Vw Bluetooth one touch kit.

    Having a clear out and have a genuine vw nsv Bluetooth kit new and boxed. £40 This is brand new and genuine VW
  20. VW T4 800 Special 1997 Engine Conversion Help

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello I've owned an R reg transporter for the past year and a half, and it's done well for the 8k miles I've done in it. But now it's starting to wear out, close to 250k miles on the clock and it's got some serious leaking. Already had so much replaced in/around the engine and I think it's now...