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  1. General T5 Chat
    Hi everyone, I'm spending the summer touring Europe and have seen that I'll need Green zone stickers. From what I can tell though there is a different one in each country? Can you get them in shops outside the green zones or should I get them delivered before I leave? I don't really want to...
  2. General T5 Chat
    What ho folks, I tried towing our twin axle 6 berth caravan with our T5 LWB 1.9TDi. It has had a re-map to 140bhp. With such a big old van i was crapping getting up the hills to get North out of Cornwall. If your interested how it went, you can see here: https://youtu.be/jMAjj-s-gzI Hope...
  3. Interior
    Does anyone know if you can extend the seat adjustment on a single T5 passenger seat? Mine will slide forward until it's a couple of inches from the dash, but ideally it needs more rearward movement. Any ideas? Thanks Jim
  4. European and Foreign Travel
    I decided I had had enough of the 40 yr plan of working full time, being only able to grasp a few weeks here and there where I felt I was actually living. So the end of August last year (2015) was my last shift before a 2 month adventure around Europe in my T4 coach built Campervan (Merlin). I...
  5. T5 Conversions
    Just got my first Transporter, looking for DIY Camp setup inspiration. Any and all ideas welcome! Especially interested with a preference for surfing, skating and rock climbing influenced setups. Cheers!
  6. The Pub
    Hey there! Well as I've said in my presentation I'm actually a student from the south-west of France. I like what I'm doing here but I want to change a little bit, I want to discover something new, so with my girlfriend we want to try a gap year in the UK. Or more, if we find long term jobs. We...
  7. European and Foreign Travel
    I have been planning on travelling Europe in my t4 campervan for quite a long time. I planned to go in June 2014 for four months, but my travel buddy has recently backed out. I am just wondering if there are any kind of organised drives around Europe, or if anyone is interested. The trip I...
  8. General Van Chat
    I rescently, through a VW Dealer magazine, came across the following links that I thought may be of public interest: I am not promoting or representing any of this, just sharing ;) http://www.camperhireinfrance.com/ http://www.winewagentours.com/...
  9. General T5 Chat
    Hi Folks, I am looking for those with first hand experience of crossings with P&O to Rotterdam or Zebruga from Hull in a SWB Kombi, part windowed van or any van type for that matter. I am traveling in September in a factory SWB kombi with family (me, wife, x2 sprogs) end destination...
  10. European and Foreign Travel
    Can anyone recommend a travel insurer? I hate insurance. You have to buy it and then when you need it they wriggle out of it. Last time I had problems travelling my girlfriend and I had 3 policies between us and none of them would let us claim! I need annual multi-trip travel insurance...
  11. Brakes
    Just aquired a 2005 2.5 130 swb shuttle. Brake pedal has excessive travel before it starts to bite. If press couple of times quickly it does come up a little bit but by time driven down road it travels a long way again. Been into my local mechanic who looked over it for mot and has replaced...
  12. European and Foreign Travel
    This lady seems a little bit of a worrier but good advice nonetheless http://www.dogtravelblog.co.uk/
1-12 of 12 Results