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  1. Recommendation Request - C-Pillar Trim

    Hi all. I have just about completed my 2011 T5 Conversion from a Shuttle to Caravelle but one of the final pieces is the C-Pillar cover which has the original seal belt hole in it. I've been to my local VW parts place and for vast amounts of money, they can get me the replacement C-Panel covers...
  2. Barn Door lock Trim

    T5 Conversions
    just fitted my barn door panel after carpeting, it is made out of 4mm ply. I have tried to put the interior lock trim back on but i cant get it to fit. Looking at the old panel, it is less than 2mm, so I have doubled the thickness and added carpet, will the trim go back on or shall i just fix...
  3. Where To Get These?

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    I just bought an O/S engine bay trim cover with the black plastic two screws. When I went to fit it, there are just two square holes. I checked the other side, under the battery cover and there were plastic 'grommets' in the place where the square holes were. I spoke to the VW dealer about...
  4. Headlining/pop top trim help

    T5 Conversions
    Hi everybody! I just had a Austops pop top fitted and need some help with the finish/trim where the 'cut' headlining meets the roof opening before it is carpeted. I have googled and looked on this forum without much luck. What do people use to cover the bare roof metal and head lining or is...
  5. Caravelle Tailgate Trim

    …preferably with the upper handle aperture and if possible, the window surround trim. If you don't have the window surround trim, contact me anyway T: Many thanks!
  6. Internal barn door/Caravelle tailgate handle trim

    I'm looking for the thin square black plastic trim/frame that goes around the outer edge of the actual door handle/housing… does anyone have I could buy and be posted out to me? Thanks!
  7. Trim levels explained?

    General T5 Chat
    I'm sorry, this has probably been asked over and over but....can anyone explain (or link to) the trim levels in a T5, 5.1 or 6? I'm looking for a van with a budget of approx £25k and am finding all sorts of stuff out there. Seems to be some T6's for that money but with higher mileage and...
  8. DIY Sliding Door Step

    Has anyone ever made their own sliding door step? The prefab plastic ones are about £40 upwards and i never see any spare ones knocking about. I've had to raise the floor due to having rear seats installed on rails and was thinking about putting some ply and vinyl flooring on the step, but need...
  9. A pillar trim / B pillar trim VWT4

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me, I recently purchased a van which has had the bulk head removed. I've been looking at buying B pillar interior trim to cover up and make good. Before making the purchase I want to be sure it will give a completed look to the van. The part which...
  10. Newbie with new project

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi! I'm an Englishman living in Sweden and I adore this forum. I bought a 'Shuttle' at the beginning of the summer with plans to convert or partially convert it to use as a camper van. I love it and spend hours at the moment gazing at busses on Instagram, Pinterest and this forum trying to find...
  11. Cabin Refresh...where to start

    My T5 is now well on its way from neglected builders van to tidy camper...pop top fitted, interior fit out this week, new wheels on order, sidebars going on H&R lowering springs and Sachs HD shocks waiting in the garage. They'll still be a fair few niggles etc to sort and ultimately I'd like...
  12. Will caravelle door trims fit on a basic T28 Transporter?

    Searched on here and the www and I can't seem to find a definite yes or no I have the change to buy these They are from a UK spec caravelle and I'm told by the seller they will fit any T5, but there seems to be a few posts on here and other forums that say they won't fit as the ends of the...
  13. Removing DRL trim

    Customising / Modding
    I want to remove the chrome trim under the bumper DRL's so I can paint and refit. I take it they are just stuck on and have to be pried off carefully using some heat to soften the adhesive. Anyone done this previously who can share any tips?
  14. Caravelle / Shuttle interior trim panels for sale

    Parts For Sale
    Caravelle / Shuttle interior trim panels Caravelle / Shuttle Right Hand Side Upper Sliding Door Trim SOLD 2 X Right Hand Side Caravelle Sliding door Panel's with blinds SOLD Passenger and drivers side Shuttle / Caravelle D Pillar Trims. The Pillar Trims are number 25 in this image...
  15. For Sale - T5 Bits

    Parts For Sale
    Having a bit of a clear out so here goes. T5 Dash instrument cluster with key as well SOLD Pair of front Wiper Arms Genuine VW and Bosh wipers - SOLD Caravelle / Shuttle Right Hand Side Upper Sliding Door Trim £20 2 X Right Hand Side Caravelle Sliding door Panel's with blinds #1...
  16. T5 LWB Shuttle Roof Trim with Vents.

    eBay Listings
    Seems to be in good nick. Rare. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=221805258723&globalID=EBAY-GB&alt=web
  17. Shuttle / Caravelle C & D Pillar Trims

    Parts For Sale
    I have the passenger and drivers side Shuttle / Caravelle C & D Pillar Trims. The C Pillar Trims are the Shuttle type as they have the cut out for the seat belt, but also good if you've fitted seatbelts in the rear and fitted them to the C Pillar. They fit behind the side loading door. I...
  18. Repairing tailgate number plate light trim

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    I have been fitting a reversing camera, one of the ones that replaces one of the number plate lights. I decided to 'remove' the trim..I thought it was just clipped on like a lot of other trim parts but I think i've broken it on one side, (other side is still fixed properly) It is still OKish...
  19. LHD Caravelle interior trim

    General T4 Chat
    I was recently talking to someone here about some surplus interior trim from our T4 Caravelle. Turns out his bus is LHD, so our spares were of no use. I've just found this on Ebay: 261686297127, but have deleted the PM conversation with the other poster. If anyone knows someone with a red(?)...
  20. a pillar trim

    Parts For Sale
    2 x A pillar grey plastic trim without grab holes for sale £25 posted or £20 collected from Bristol