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  1. 3 seater,130cm,4 part,rock 'n roll bed does one exist for a 2005 T30 swb Shuttle?

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    Its been recently brought to my attention after 18 months ownership that a shuttle has extra reinforcing due to rear seating and in my case 4 of the rear middle seat floor mounts also, still in situ. I've read up on here about removal of these seat mounts, which seems the only way forward but a...
  2. T4 Caravelle rear triple seat + brackets + parcel shelf + carpet for swb all in blue

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    Folding Rear triple seat from my swb 2003 t4 caravelle in lagoon blue velour comes with the u shaped brackets for the release mechanism on pillars and the 2 mounting brackets for the floor..but no seat belts only the middle lap belt. Also comes with the rear parcel shelf and the rear factory...
  3. VW T5 Combi Triple Seat

    Parts For Sale
    Fitted new to my van in 2010, removed to fit a rock and roll bed. In great condition, with photos to follow. complete with seatbelts, all mounting brackets and bolts. Located near Plymouth, can help with local delivery. £495ono
  4. bed seat from rear single seat

    Hi I am doing this, and like anyone cares to catch idea. Using the base of the rear single seat, I did a triple bed seat in process...
  5. Full Width Folding Triple Caravelle Rear Seat

    Parts For Sale
    Folding Triple Caravelle Rear Bench £150 ono I have a full width triple Caravelle folding rear seat with arm rests for sale, comes with the brackets that secure it into it's upright postion and the clip-on cover for the legs (although I think the smaller in-fill sections are missing). The...
  6. Quick release Floor brackets, anyone used them for anything other than seats?

    Got 2 sets of the brackets for my triple seat in the back of the van so I can either have load space or living space dependant on needs. When in the either position I look at the mounts and can't help think that they could be used for something else. I.e. fixing down a table, bed, unit, storage...
  7. Kombi/Shuttle triple bench seat fitting/removal help...

    I'm maybe being a bit thick, and/or missing something obvious but can't see how I adjust the the legs on this so that the feet are parallel to the ground. I'm assuming It's been 'tipped' forward and then removed from the previous owners T5 - hence the position Its now in. Does it need to be...
  8. Vw rear caravelle seat fitting to 888 special

    Morning all, Can't sleep for some reason so I thought I would investigate what this bracket is for on our rear set, but googling and VagCat unable to show:
  9. 3 point belt for rear passenger side

    I seem to be making a meal of this.... I have a caravelle triple rear seat, I have all the receivers, a lap belt & a 3point belt for drivers side and a lap belt.... Still after a 3 point belt for the passenger side of said triple seat - if anyone has one, please put me out of my misery! Am...
  10. WANTED - Triple seat trim

    As above, I need the plastic trim panels from a caravelle triple rear seat. Cheers Dick