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  1. Team Blue
    I was already a member of team blue with my R plate T4 1.9 TD, but due to potential repair bills (maybe a cracked valve cover or head) took the punt and bought a V plate 2.5 TDI (102bhp) LWB Twin slider. Bodywork looking pretty good - just need a few chips here and there sorted and a good...
  2. Team Blue
    My thread for it: http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=2226346#post2226346
  3. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    In 2011 we decided to get a Caravelle and say goodbye to my old T4 and Bay. We had a reasonable budget and set our hearts on a low mileage SWB Caravelle with twin sliding doors and aircon. This would be my daily, surf bus, a tow car for track days and our family vehicle. Lots of searching and...
1-3 of 3 Results