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tyre pressure
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  1. T4 Syncro Garage
    We are just about to set off around Europe in our 1998 T4 2.4 lwb Syncro. It's fitted with Khumo Ventura AT 215 R15 105 S tyres. There is no tyre pressure plate inside the door frame. Can anyone recommend the best pressures?
  2. General T5 Chat
    Another thread just made me think What tyre pressures should we each be running on I thought it was 45PSI for a 180 PS Cant say I have ever looked or checked mind No doubt its in the manual but how many of us actually read this?
  3. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi all, Bought a T5.1 (2011) Kombi a short while ago. Running 245/45 ZR18 100Y Extra Load on the front and rear. What tyre pressures should I be running? Thanks
  4. General Van Chat
    Could somebody please let me know the correct tyre pressures for Bridgestone Duravis 205 70R 15C tyres which are fitted to my T4 Camper? There is no sticker on the driver's door, nor any info in the handbook. Many thanks
  5. Wheels & Tyres
    Hello I've got a Caravelle T4 2001 automatic, LWB. I'm driving it around mostly solo, not heavily loaded. What would be the most appropriate tyre pressures?
  6. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi Everyone I'm a new boy, the forum is very useful and I have used it loads already and only got my T5 at easter! I have a T5 LWB 2004 T30 with 18" Range Rover wheels and 255/55 R18 tyres. I've been reading a few posts as I'm unsure if I have the right bolts on, also if I need to change them to...
  7. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    LOL:Hello everyone bought T5 conversion at the weekend and am sooooo happy with it. Would anyone know what the tyre pressure for the front is meant to be as i can't find it in the book (says it is on front panel of left door but can't see it). Tyre itself says 70 psi (sounds high?) It is a T5...
  8. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi Guys, got my new Sportlines but the inner door card doesnt show the pressures for 18" wheels, do you know what the correct ones are for 235/50 R18? Thanks, R
  9. Wheels & Tyres
    tyre pressures for "as standard" tyres on T4 vans :ILU:
  10. Wheels & Tyres
    Trying to find out the tyre pressure for R15s on an ex AA T4 2.5. I'm going to be loaded up with about 1400 kilos. Anybody able to give me some guidance on this please?
1-10 of 10 Results