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  1. Minibus seats with integral seatbelts

    FREE Stuff
    5 single minibus seats with integral seatbelts. Legs are adjustable for width. Can be directly bolted to the floor or attached to Unwin/Koller tracking with a pair of seat fixtures (not included). I have three that are finished in VW Inka upholstery and two in a grey/blue fabric (one with fixed...
  2. Unwin Removable Seat Fixings

    Parts For Sale
    I have 6 Unwin Removable Seat Fixtures for sale and can sell them in pairs, or as a job lot. £10 per pair or £25 for all 6, plus postage Postage for a pair = £2.90 - Royal Mail 2nd Class Postage for all 6 = £7.99 - Hermes Collection is also possible -Northampton Thanks for looking. All Sold
  3. Unwin Tracking - Which Installation Method is Best?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi guys, I've been doing a lot or research on Unwin Tracking. I'm planning to remove my RIB Altair R&R bed and re-mount it using Unwin Track so I can slide it forwards to get the kids nearer the front and have a bigger 'boot' for the dog when we're using the van as a day-van. I really...
  4. Unwin rails and Seats with Clamps on Ebay

    eBay Listings
    Selling unwanted unwin rail and seats with quick release clamps on Ebay. Kept four seats for my van but have 5 left over and lots of rail. Easy to remove seats from van so great when you need to use the van as a van. Could probably also be used to fix a bed in. item number 15184581058...
  5. Twin kombi rear quick release seat and all fixings

    For sale rear twin quick release seats complete with armrests,seatbelts and all unwin fixings in inca trim also genuine VW rear load mat all in excellent condition. These have been taken out of our short wheel base t5. Want around £550. Collection only
  6. Can I put these seats in my T5 with Unwin rails?

    Hi Everyone, I have 3 individual seats (pics below) which have integrated seat belts and am looking at getting them put into my T5 on Unwin rails with quick release clamps, before I do though I just wanted to check if this was doable? Does anyone know if this can be done? The reason I have...
  7. Unwin Seat Clamps

    Parts For Sale
    Selling THREE pairs of these Unwin Quick-Release Seat Clamps - if anyone wondering what they are, basically, you bolt them onto the seat base (where it is usually bolted to the floor) and then these clamps drop into the Unwin rails, a quick-release button is rotated and the seat is locked into...
  8. Unwin System, Removal? Any value second hand?

    General T4 Chat
    My T4 has a pair of Unwin rails, which I thought would be very useful, but the direction my build is likely to be taking, not sure if I will actually be using them? The options I can see would be to just cover over them and the existing ply floor with a thin ply (6mm?) or even fit a laminate...
  9. Hello from Unwin - & news about new T4 / T5 kits

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi All, Just to let you know that we‘ve joined this forum as a trade member - and we’re keen to answer any questions you might have about Unwin Safety Systems products, particularly our Unwin rails. Please message us via this site, email us at [email protected] or give us a ring on...
  10. Where to buy Unwin seats?

    Background: This is my first post. I have just brought a tired ;) VW Transporter and plan on slowing improving it. Please can anyone here tell me where to buy seats with the unwin connectivity (my T5 has an Unwin floor already installed). Ideally new or atleast in good condition. Those on ebay...
  11. Slidind bed idea

    T5 Conversions
    Just bought a set of urwin rails today. Im thinking of welding up a frame from flat stock to mount them on and fixing the lot to the floor using the lashing points. Anyone done this? I heard that some floor rails are stuck down using adhesive. Cant see how it would be strong enough though.
  12. Anyone need some Unwin Seat Fixtures?

    Parts For Sale
    I've got a set of these that came on a seat I bought for the back of my van, but I don't need them and I'm having a clear out so it's time they go! Of interest to anyone? I'm based in County Durham, visit the coast up here (Tynemouth way) quite a bit, or can post (not sure how much that would...
  13. Anyone fitted LDV minibus seats?

    General Van Chat
    I'm looking to fit a double seat with inertia belts in the back of my t4. The LDV and other minibus seats seem to be much cheaper and more available than VW ones, however I can't find any with quick release attachments on the fleabay or any examples on here. Being as I'm very cheap, this is the...