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  1. Electrical
    Ok so i am now the very proud owner of a Kenwood DNX525DAB which nestles sweetly in the dash of my 2012 Sportline. So everything is ok until I check the software and she is two revisions out of date. Today I have wasted hours downloading software un zipping putting on USB sticks and putting them...
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I've got a 2010 Caravelle 2.0 bitdi and its giving out a white puff of smoke. This doesn't happen when the engine is cold, only when it reaches running temp 90. Took it for a run as I thought it might be doing a regen, but it hasn't completely cleared it even after a 40 min motorway drive...
  3. Electrical
    Hi there! I'm wondering if you could change the T5 speedometer to some else? Searching for a bit updated model, I guess the T5.1 speedo won't work on T5? Does someone know if there's some VW/Audi speedos which would fit for T5?
  4. Dweebz of Dubs
    For all your veedub needs visit www.dweebzofdubs.co.uk. Specialising in VW and Audi Modifcations let Dweebz transform your beloved vehicle into a home from home or a new toy! Custom designed and manufactured interiors Body, engine and suspension modification Custom GRP bodywork (manufactured...
  5. The Pub
    As title, really. I've noticed that the little flag thingy has gone from the side of the thread (when you are subscribed/have made a post to) & I've just tried to mark a forum read. It used to give a drop down list from the fourm tools, now it scrolls down to the bottom of the page. If it has...
1-5 of 5 Results