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  1. brake upgrade 2.5 AJT TDI

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi everyone. I'm looking to install an OEM intercooler on my 88bhp 2003 4 pin long nose (if anyone has one to sell?), and then plan to get a remap. But I want to be able to stop well with the extra power. So can I upgrade the brakes relatively easily/ do I need to put on bigger calipers etc. Did...
  2. Headlight loom upgrade - two pin connector location?

    Hello all! Just a quick one (i couldn't find any historical posts regarding this), fitting a new headlight loom on my VW T4 2003 2.5tdi. Im assuming the orange connector goes to the back of the bulb. However, i cant work out where the black two pin connector (in the image) goes to? Im sure...
  3. Change 5th gear without removing box?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi I am new to forums, so please forgive errors in posting. My sister has a T5 2.5 (2003) manual gearbox that is jumping out of 5th gear. I have read that it is possible to upgrade 5th gear on T4 boxes without dismantling the box, so my questions are: - Is it similarly possible to change the 5th...
  4. BCM Upgrade

    General T5 Chat
    Hi all, I'm looking for an 087 BCM upgrade for my van and I wondered if anyone could advise me the best place to get one without paying stupid money. I have tried a number of breakers and no luck so far. I have a 2011 60 plate T5 and any help would be gratefully received.
  5. how to upgrade dash information on T5 (2009)

    General T5 Chat
    My 2009 T5 camper is a standard 1.9tdi t28 with the basic dashboard (no mfd, revs, speed, coolant temp and fuel gauge). After a year I am really missing some of the features on my car - fuel consumption, ave speed, distance/time travelled etc. Are the sensors for this already on the van so...
  6. T4 Headlights: Urgent help needed!

    Hi guys I'm fairly new to this forum and so far managed to answer all my questions without even having to write a thread -loads of good info on here. But I've been trying to sort the headlights on my 2000 1.9 T4 for a while now with no joy, hoping you guys can help. So the Van's headlights on...
  7. Headlight upgrade loom woes

    Ok - I'm probably being my normal stupid self, but... A few months back I swapped my dim headlights for one of Upspex's upgrade looms with brighter bulbs. All is good at night now - I can actually see where I'm going, BUT... I've just failed the MOT because the headlights come on with the...
  8. Any Webasto Engineers / Fitting / Servicing Guys Within 50 Miles of The Smog?

    T5 Conversions
    Last time I checked the nearest place that could/would finish off my half finished parking heater upgrade was somewhere in Northants, but that was a couple of years ago. Anybody know of a place nearer NW London? I simply lack the time and space (and weather) to finish off the job! From memory, I...
  9. T5 1.9TDI, to Bora Upgrade?

    Engine & Gearbox
    My T5 has had a head gasket go, so rather than just doing a normal gasket change I am thinking about changing the head and turbo from a 1.9TDI PD 130 Bora. With the T5 being a PD 100 and the Bora being a PD 130 The head numbers are the same, so here is a few questions before I start. 1) Do I...
  10. VW T4 SACHS HD SHOCK ABSORBERS ( Brand new full set as per wanapart forum deal )

    Parts For Sale
    Sold and gone thanks !
  11. LED DRL Upgrade

    Hi, Got some DRLs added to the van - the strip in the bumper which is a whiteish LED. The DRLS in the standard commercial light cluster were yellow in comparison. Found a LED upgrade on ebay which in my eyes is a great upgrade on the original bulbs. No Errors shown on dash etc. On the pic...
  12. Multi-Function Steering Wheel Updgrade

    Hi guys, I've read through countless forums regarding steering wheel upgrades and whether or not the controls will work with an aftermarket head unit. I own a 2005 T5, but have come across 2013 T5 at the wreckers, and they can do a great deal on the multifunction steering wheel with airbag...
  13. 2.5 acv 102 injector upgrade help.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there guys im a newby here so be gentle :-) I have a 1999 t4 acv 102 and want to upgrade the injectors. I have found these ones from the 140hp volvo 850, 074130202B and 046130201F I assume I can just fit them with out a re-map. Thanks for you help
  14. RNS315 Fitting guide

    Hi. My camper has the basic RCD210 radio and I've just bought an RNS315 of the bay of fleas. Can anyone point me to a thread or other online guide on how to fit this to my 2011 T28. I've seen a YouTube video of a guy removing the RCD but he fitted another single DIN head unit. I've also read...
  15. Upgrade to blue tacho: advice please!

    Hey guys, I am nearly ready to upgrade my tacho from this to a blue version. I got a second hand one, non-canbus, for a ACV engine as suggested here: http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=86937 And it should be fine for my 1998 non-canbus van. I found the cables here...
  16. Big Dave's Big adventure

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all.......... Thanks for letting me join your site.......... my wife has recently given birth to our 3rd son and I can already tell thaty the car just isn't going to cut the mustard. I did thing 7 seater but we've got a dog and my wife grooms dogs so we need dedicated boot space........ I am...
  17. T4 Short Nose Headlight Upgrade With OSRAM Nightbreaker Unlimited Bulbs

    Conversions & Customisation
    Just £49.99 including postage and packaging T4 Short Nose Headlight Upgrade With OSRAM Nightbreaker Unlimited Bulbs Vast improvements in safety with brighter lights Typically a T4 will have around 10V to each headlight; this loom will restore your T4 to battery voltage, 12.4v. That’s a 20%...
  18. Crystal White light bulbs?

    General T5 Chat
    Hey guys, Not going to lie I have no idea about light bulbs all I know is that I saw a T5.1 like mine drive behind me with vary bright/white head lights. I want to upgrade all the bulbs as I've started to do a lot more travelling at night. Can you please provide a link and list the bulbs I...
  19. RCD 200 to RCD 510

    Hi Guys, Just grabbed myself a chunky 2.5 litre 2007 T5 BEAST! BUT I need to upgrade the radio. Is it possible to upgrade from the current RCD200 to the RCD510? If not, what upgrades can fit? Many thanks, Jimmyabbo!
  20. Door Speaker Refresher

    Did a (singular) door speaker this afyernoon/evening after troubleshooting the dreaded dead driver's door electric controls. In my haste I steamed straight in and drilled out the rivets to the larger plastic ring on the door. This is a reminder to anyone about to do a speaker change that you...