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  1. Upholstery Company Needed

    Hello, we have a u-shaped bed system and front cab seats to be upholstered (single and a double). Please can anyone recommend a good company in Southampton/ Hampshire who could do this. Many thanks!
  2. Seat cover / upholstery

    Evening, I need to get my front seat covered (double and single) recovered asap. Located Gloucester/Cheltenham area but willing to travel. Any recommendations? Cheers Ed
  3. Reccomendations for upholsterers in south west england!

    Is there a good thread with recommended upholsterers in different parts of the country to refer to? Would appreciate tips and pics on who everybody thinks is best value for money! I am in Devon but would travel or courier the seats for the right price and quality of work.
  4. Seat upholsterers in Bucks/Herts

    Looking to get front seats and r and r re-trimmed. Can anyone recommend a good company in the Bucks/Herts area please? Cheers.
  5. Cheap quality r+r seat covers

    Built my bed ,bought the foam and material,started looking round for upholsterers , found one one Gumtree. Emailed sizes to them, 6ft by 4ft 4 inch foam ,split into cushions. Emailed me back £5 per cushion. Took my stuff to the unit ,Janet the tailoress talked me through the best way of...
  6. Steering wheel retrim... Anybody had it done?

    Just wondering if anybody has done this and had any recommendations? What sort of money would this kind of service command?
  7. upholstery and auto trimming

    Conversions & Customisation
    Hello a few of you no me as wodge (real name ant).I opened a trimming and upholstery company in warrington about 18 months ago after working in the upholstery trade for over 15 years for other people.Im offering a full service from a simple repair to a full custom retrimmed interior in a vast...