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  1. VW T4 T5 surf youtube tutorials

    General T4 Chat
    hi all, been a member of this forum for donkeys, and have decided to start some cool easy to watch ( hopefully ) videos all about how to do your own upholstery mainly to campervans, and some surf related accessories, i have popped up a few videos to watch, if any of you were interested...
  2. Where can I get new foam for standard T5 seat cushions cut please?

    Hi I need to replace the foam seat of three of my 2009 van seats, one front , two rear. The backs are fine, just the part you sit on. I can't seem to find anyone who does them in the North of England. I'd settle for second hand seats, but ebay is not turning up anything either. Any...
  3. GMG Customs Front Seats in Stock this week.

    Parts, Tuning & Styling
    These 3 sets of VW front seats are currently in stock and for sale for £550 on a like for like exchange basis. They are upholstered in automotive quality leatherette. Take a look at our website www.gmgcustoms.com as we can offer conversions and upholstery.
  4. Campervan seat reupholstery - Work In Progress

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all, It's been ages since I last posted any updates on our van. It's been great, if a little under used. Well later this year we'd like to sell it and do another one. So I decided that we needed matching upholstery for the front and rear seats. So why not have a go ourselves! Anyway, I'm...
  5. Let's see your upholstery :)

    Hey guys! We're currently converting our new van and are looking for some inspiration for our seats/bed upholstery. Our last van had black and white Bentley diamond stitch, not sure whether to do the same again in different colours or go for something totally different. Show us what you've...
  6. GMG Customs new upholstery style

    We know that there are a miriad of upholstery styles out there for people to choose from but we wanted to share a new design that we are just in the process of manufacturing and will be rolling out in the very near future (well as soon as the double seat has been finished).
  7. Reccomendations for upholsterers in south west england!

    Is there a good thread with recommended upholsterers in different parts of the country to refer to? Would appreciate tips and pics on who everybody thinks is best value for money! I am in Devon but would travel or courier the seats for the right price and quality of work.
  8. Scopema RIB rock and roll bed 112cm need help finding pattern for upholstery

    T5 Conversions
    Scopema RIB rock and roll bed 112cm need help finding pattern for upholstery Need help to find pattern so i can finish of my back seats. the upholstery service is asking for the patten for the seat, dimensions and cuttings for this to make it quicker and cheaper. Can anybody out there help...
  9. Captainseat.com

    Hello, I am thinking of getting the front seats re upholstered, and got a good quote from captainseat, just wanted to know if anyone has used them before and has any good/bad feedback to give. cheers joe
  10. GMG Customs in Wiltshire

    Conversions & Customisation
    We offer bespoke upholstery, water transfer dipping, plasti-dipping, wheel refurb/paint and more... I have added a few pics to give you an idea of our work, but we are always happy to discuss any requests.
  11. Seat upholsterers in Bucks/Herts

    Looking to get front seats and r and r re-trimmed. Can anyone recommend a good company in the Bucks/Herts area please? Cheers.
  12. Drivers seat mesh/spring panel

    Hi This is my first post so please forgive me if I don't follow the correct protocol! I have a 1992 T4 Holdsworth campervan and the springs have gone in both the front seats. I'm trying to find out what the mesh panel is that fits under the seat and hooks onto the seat frame ( a bit like a...
  13. Introductory Offer for all Autotrimming Services

    Caledonian Campers & Conversions are now offering a limited introduction deal on a full upholstery make-over. This deal will include x2 front seats, rear cushions/rock’n'roll bed and all door cards. Standard upholstery £1,350.00 Leather upholstery £1,600.00 Offer ends 31st August...
  14. Customised T4 Captain Seats and Full Width Bed - Black with Green Trim

    Parts For Sale
    My pride and joy got trashed on the Autobahn last month and my new van is completely different colour so reluctantly selling my customised seats :( The front seats were finished about 3 months ago, and the bed literally a week before the crash (it only got slept in one night!). They're a black...
  15. 3x single vw upholstered rear mounted seats for sale

    VAG Parts For Sale
    FOR SALE Vw t5 single seats brand new leather & suede upholstery Here we have three single seats taken out of vw lt 46 van. We have had our in house auto-trimmer re-upholster them to a very professional standard.. These seats have been upholstered in real leather & suede! All seats...
  16. Our Available In House Services!

    Conversions & Customisation
    Caledonian Conversions Ltd are a bespoke conversion company based in Glasgow, Scotland. Our sister company Caledonian Campers Ltd - a popular campervan and motorhome hire company and RnR Beds which are the manufacturers of the first pull tested, aluminium rock'n'roll bed! All of our services are...
  17. Custom captain seats and bed with light green trim - no van to put them in!

    Really not sure what to do - the love of my life got smashed to bits by a German lorry last month. The missus was fine though. I: Finally had it recovered back to the UK (hats off to Britannia rescue for that one), but its gone down as a Cat B and cant be fixed. I got to keep the salvage...
  18. Captain arm rest cover cloth removal?

    Hi, I need advice on how to remove the vinyl cover from armrests please. I've a fair idea on how to get seat covers off thanks to Kernow Transporters' pictorial guide, and I can see how the arms themselves detach, I just can't see an obvious way of removing the covers themselves from the arm...
  19. Wanted: T4 Captains Armrest Cover & Headrest Cover

    I'm looking for an armrest cover for a captains chair for a T4 and a cover for a headrest, any condition, to use as a template for retrimming the front seats of my van. Anyone got anything?
  20. Upholstering RnR bed

    General T4 Chat
    Hiya guys n gals, Just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks for upholstering a RnR bed? My initial plan is to place foam on top of the board and do a stapling trick round before securing permantley on the seat base, but the up rights wont do that so it will be a loose fitting back? I'm...