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vac pump fix
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  1. Brakes
    Hi there folks, So i have had it with these dam vac pumps. I am looking into caping the mount on the head off and replacing it with a good quality electric pump. has anyone done this. providing i match the vac pressure i can't see an issue. What are peoples thoughts in this. cheers
  2. General Technical
    I'm having a very intense clapping sound in my VW T4 2,4 from 1994. At first I replaced the vacuum pump which seemed to be the cause, however the clapping intensified , seems like im driving a tractor sometimes. When i pump\press the breaks the noise stops for a while... Ive been reading that...
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    Anyone know how much vacuum I should have on the N74? I get a drop in vac when I connect my new MT2 valve before it and then I loose low revs boost. I have New turbo and good hoses..
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    I have read much about the clatter that comes from the vacuum pump due to oil passing to the supposed dry side of the pump diaphragm. Was on the point of spending £200+ on a quality pattern replacement but thought nothing to lose by stripping the old one. Was not tempted by £70 ebay items...
  5. Brakes
    My 2.5 88 AJT T4 had the dreaded break vacuum pump rattle. The one where you pump the break and the rattle stops. Was going to take the pump apart, clean, check rod etc. The other day I fitted an EGR delete pipe (the shiny Allard one). To fit this you have to take off the two vac pipes attached...
  6. Engine & Gearbox
    either my pump is knackered or the rod is worn, ive heard most people say its the pump & to not waste time swapping the rod, but have just seen this on brickwerks that suggests the tap is "usually" a worn rod!? any help apreciated as its doing my nut in!! :confused:
1-6 of 6 Results