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vacuum pump 074145100a

  1. Think you can recondition vacuum brake pump?

    General T4 Chat
    So a few of us have been talking about this and someones even got a doner! I'm sure it could be done by someone after all it's only a spring and seal and be alot cheaper than OE and last longer than the cheap ones you can buy! So follow this link and post your ideas upT:;)...
  2. HOW TO - Replace Vacuum Pump on the 2.5 TDI

    Technical Articles
    Just replaced my clattering pump, too embarrassing to ignore any longer! So here's my 'how to' on an 03 AJT engine. Parts Vacuum Pump 074 145 100A £225.50 + VAT Ebay £95 new from Poland - UPDATE - Failed within 2 months Gasket 075 145 117C £5.35 + VAT * Intermediate cam follower (drive/push...