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vacuum pump 074145100a
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    So a few of us have been talking about this and someones even got a doner! I'm sure it could be done by someone after all it's only a spring and seal and be alot cheaper than OE and last longer than the cheap ones you can buy! So follow this link and post your ideas upT:;)...
  2. Technical Articles
    Just replaced my clattering pump, too embarrassing to ignore any longer! So here's my 'how to' on an 03 AJT engine. Parts Vacuum Pump 074 145 100A £225.50 + VAT Ebay £95 new from Poland - UPDATE - Failed within 2 months Gasket 075 145 117C £5.35 + VAT * Intermediate cam follower (drive/push...
1-2 of 2 Results