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  1. Master cylinder or vacuum pipe

    My 1995 t4 1.9d has a problem where the brake pedal will go all the way to the floor about once in every dozen presses. I know it’s the master cylinder and have ordered a new one but a ‘mechanic’ I was talking to has told me I’m wrong and it the vacuum pipe to the servo. He has even driven the...
  2. Soft Brake Pedal

    Hi Guys i need your help and expertise, the other day the better half was out in the van and when approaching a round about couldn't stop, she came back and told me that the brake pedal had gone all the way to the floor and there was no brakes, she said on the way back she was pumping the...
  3. Fitting EGR delete pipe on AXE engine

    Engine & Gearbox
    Alright everyone, I do pop my head in here every now and then, but should properly introduce myself, so Hi :) I'm chucking an EGR delete pipe on my 2.5 this weekend, and just wondering if I can get rid of all the vacuum pipes and stuff that sits in the top of the engine bay and connects to the...
  4. VW T5 Vacuum pump readings

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there The tandem vacuum/fuel pump on a 2007 VW T5 2.5TDI. Does anyone know what vacuum readings I should be getting at idle and under load are please? I get underboost problems (limp mode) for the turbo and also the brake pedal feels a little harder than usual. To me this would imply a lack...
  5. Vacuum hose ID and replacement

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have had a vacuum hose snap off of the crankcase, a previous owner has bodged back on in the past so am not sure if I have all the parts. can someone identify the part and a place I can get a replacement? photos below. vehicle: VW T4 panel van, SWB, 1.9TD ABL engine, reg: 1996 is the later...
  6. What engine, turbo gone? Vac pipe mystery, newbie please help.

    Engine & Gearbox
    I accidentally left the manual 'choke' lever out the other morning and after about 25 miles at 60mph pulling a 2 bike trailer she began to cough. Pulled over, realised my mistake and let her cool down for ten mins. Hasn't run right since, not wanting to start (interestingly when hot starts only...
  7. 2.5 tdi braking pulsation through pedal

    Engine & Gearbox
    During braking I get a pulsating movement through the brake pedal. This happens around 20% of the time. Quick heavy braking seems to trigger it more than light progressive breaking. Searching the forum indicates a warped disk and I was about to order new disks until I replaced the braided hoses...
  8. Air Escape back of dashboard 2.8 VR6

    General Technical
    Hi folks, your thoughts please. As the title states. I have a 2.8 VR6 Auto on a 99. When the engine is running there is a hissing sound from underneath the drivers side Dashboard behind the clocks. Having stripped dashboard down, engine running, no air can be felt. Upon the depressing of...
  9. Tapping noise

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have just swapped my T4 2.5L Petrol engine with a used one that has done 100.000 km less. http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=145102 It has ACU engine and Automatic trasmission. The 'new' engine has been running fine, but has just developed a tapping sound like the one described many...
  10. help vacume pump needs replacing please

    Engine & Gearbox
    help vacume pump needs replacing although i dont have a clue where it is or even where to start looking for it pics would be a great help i have no problem with doing the work myself just need to know where its located
  11. VAC hose dimensions for 2.5 TDI

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello I have done a search but I can only find reference to the 3mm vacuum hose... Today I replaced all the 3mm vac pipes that were looking a bit shabby for high quality 3mm silicone pipe, I would like to do the same with the slightly larger hose, can anyone tell me if the size I need to buy...