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  1. Fault Code Reader recommendations?

    I've read threads about fault code readers for older vans. I need one for my 2009 2.5ltr. Windows 10. Recommendations?
  2. Anyone help me activating Cruise control?

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all, thought I'd reach out and ask if there is anyone near me who would be kind enough to use their VAG COM lead to enter the code to activate my cruise control? Tried some leads off ebay but had no joy and can't afford/justify the £80 charge by VW to type in a few numbers! Any help would be...
  3. need vag com (witch one best) acv 1996

    Engine & Gearbox
    any boffins know of a trusty lead that will look in to the depths of my van to find its fault iam i right in thinking 409.1? or some thing like that any advice be grate
  4. cruise control vag com

    Is anybody on here a whizz with vag com and setting up cruise control in the north/mid cornwall area.So f....... off ................computers.......................cruise control......ahhhhhhhhhh...................i'm going to go to work and blow something up and make the world a happier place...
  5. Whats happening to my boost?!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all In need of techincal expertise! Bought a 2.5tdi AJT 88bhp T4 back in Jan, and currently doing the camper conversion thing!! I expected a settling in period of replacing all sort of worn thing as its done 215k +! But im having a power issue! Have spent hours poring over all sorts of...
  6. Vagcom needed help in hampshire

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all Just fitted cruise control and need it activated, any one in Hampshire with Vag Com as got a cable of Ebay but for some reason its not playing ball, something about port OK but Interface not recognised its has taken me 30 minutes to fit controller but over 3 hours installing and...