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  1. VCDS DPF values

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I'm hoping someone in the know can help me out. My van is a 2009 model 2.5tdi BNZ manual with 203k miles on the clock. I only bought the van recently and I've fallen foul of the DPF trap. The van was running poorly and the exhaust was blowing from the manifold and the joint between turbo...
  2. Airbags not wanted

    Hi all Just finished a little job om the Mrs,s T5 transporter , mounting a doublle passenger seat , and ,,,well it fitted nicly , the saftybelt work ok But on the electrical side its.worse when starting up I got the airbag warning light and when checking with VAG-com i got: 01218 - Side...
  3. Help Required - Airbag reset - Wlits/Oxon area

    General T5 Technical
    Long time browser, non poster so far... Im having an issue with my 2006 VW T5 Autosleeper Trident with the 2.5l Turbo Diesel. About 6 months or so ago the battery went dead (its not used enough) and ever since the airbag light comes on. Ive done a scan with a basic scanner I have and its...
  4. Any VAG-COM / VCDS owners in London, Essex, Hertfordshire that can help

    General T4 Chat
    Hello As per this thread I have been mooching about with my van and I feel that there is something amiss. I really need to hook it up to VAGCOM / VCDS and get it looked at, is there anyone in the London, Essex, Herts areas that can help? It would also be good to have a 2.5 TDI 102 owner drive...
  5. Cheapest place to buy GENUINE VCDS - VAGCOM - group buy?

    General T4 Chat
    Hello I have been using the freeware version for a while and I am now thinking of stumping up for the full package, I figure it will hold its value if I don't own a VW at some stage (cant see that happening :eek:) or if I move up the models in the future. Im wondering if anyone knows the...
  6. What else do i need???

    Just brought this lead and was wondering what else I need, apart from VAG-COM:
  7. Automatic Gearbox: Setting Transmission modes with VAGCOM

    Technical Articles
    With a Vagcom it is possible to reset or change the shift patterns in the automatic gearbox range. And also reset the DSP (dynamic shift points), The dynamic shift point will monitor your driving pattern and adapt to your driving style. First, make sure there are no fault codes in the Auto...
  8. Where the Vagcom connection in a 1.9tdi 1996 T4 ??

    Hi, I've just bought a 1.9tdi 1996 T4 westfalia california camper. Does anyone know where the VAGCOM connection is on/under the dash ? I've had a good look around but can't see anything that looks a likely candidate. I've just bought a connector and am keen to have a play around with it ...