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  1. LT & Crafter
    Hi Im about to replace both front suspension links/wishbones and shocks, i need the VAG Ball Joint Puller T50002 or at least the jaw dimensions to get a similar tool. I dont want to hit it with a hammer, tears useually come after that!! Thanks in advance
  2. Electrical
    Looking for a VAG scanner OBDII that is compatible with my VW T5.1 2014. I have seen loads online that can scan but i ned one that can reset error code. Particularly an airbag warning light that came on after i removed the stereo and turned the ignition on while the airbag switch was...
  3. Parts For Sale
    Hi, Just doing a clear out in my garage and selling bits that I have bought over time for my T5 which now gone. Its for 2.5 TDI T5 130 bhp. 070141015SX - It cost 267 quid at VAG - I am looking for 150 ono. 7E0698151B - Brake pads set for T5 front - 50 quid posted
  4. Electrical
    Guys, I was installing a new stereo over the weekend which involved removing various panels etc to run wiring on my 2012 1.9 T5. After doing all the work I am noticing the Airbag warning light on the dash is illuminated and from reading I believe that this is a common issue if you've started...
  5. Services, Repairs & Maintenance
    Good Morning/Afternoon, The winter months are on the way and your van will need some much needed maintenance to help avoid standing by the side of the road in this cold, damp weather waiting for road side recovery. To help avoid this, book your car into Tamworth Vehicle Services (TVS) for a...
  6. General Technical
    As my t4 engine has recently died, am looking at replacements. DOes anybody know whether any other vag engines will go. i.e 2.7 a6 diesel, 2.0 diesel sharan????????????????????????
1-6 of 6 Results